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Awesome! Not to be missed! Update! The unbelievable has happened!

See my Comment at the end for Update!  Unfriggin’ real!

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I make no bones about it!  I totally love Michael Moore!  

Well, a few nights ago, Michael sat down around 12:00 midnight to do some writing and then, said to himself, why am I doing this, why not just go to Madison, Wisconsin?  Well, he did just that and spoke to the huge crowds in Madison, on Saturday, March 5, 2011.  He shared his humility and gratitude with those crowds, as well as cheered them on in solidarity!  

Transcript of Michael’s speech:

GOP Rep. Nunes: N!%%er is okay if you call a tyrant it. Censure him NOW!

The transcript

R is officially for racist until an adult appears on the right. Don’t hold your breathe.

   With that in mind, I give you GOP Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA21). When asked about teabaggers calling African American Representatives N!&&er, spitting on them, and calling gay Represenatives “F@&&0t”, he not only JUSTIFIED it, he seemed to endorse this level of hatred and intolerence.

   Watch it for yourself.

A transcript, my interpretation and thoughts and more below the fold.

I was there . . .!! Obama Rally!

Learned yesterday morning that Obama was going to be in Highland, Indiana, last night, so I planned on going.  The rally was to begin at 7:30 p.m., at Wicker Memorial Park.

It was a beautiful, perfect evening!

Arriving, there was no allotted parking left, shopping mall across the street was packed and we were instructed by police to go to K-Mart  (nothing being said about it not being there anymore).  Kept driving until I saw more police, who told me where the lot was.  Parked and got on a shuttle bus (free) to go back to the Park.  Got off, walked to entrance, where police awaited, but, amazingly, no one’s purse or pockets were even searched.    Walked to the Park, where all of the standing room possible in front of the platform was filled to capacity.  Security everywhere.  Interestingly, the group in front of the platform were “gated” off behind them, then there was a goodly amount of space, then more “gating” and people behind that, myself included.

There’s more!