fear and worry honestly come by, and then….

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Looking around, it appears that I’m not the only one trying to go through however many stages of grief there are in a very compressed time span. I got to trying to expound on the thinks inside my skull for myself, and ranted and raved for a few words, sprawling through tension and tenses, and various points of view, and thought, might as well share.

I feel better having spewed it out onto a microsoft word document, and I kinda like the way this movie ends….love to hear what you think, though, and what sorts of crazy thoughts are careening through your own skullspaces…

There’s a ton of concern trolling going on among Dem ranks, Rachel Maddow probably most prominent, and I can almost understand that to a certain degree…

see, in 2003/2004, I NEVER felt like Kerry would win….conversely, this cycle, I’ve never felt that Obama would lose. Sure there were moments of worry, but…it never crossed over to a feeling that Barack Obama would somehow, not be the next President of the United States.

It still hasn’t, but today, I’m feeling a bit anxious. Partly due to the natural last minute tightening of the race and the feeling that Obama having been up for so long makes him into some sort of pseudo-incumbent, against whom the last minute deciders will break, and the fact that the pollster whose numbers I most trust (Rasmussen) has put McCain even or ahead in a number of red states Obama was trying to bring out of the dark ages.

In the prediction contest over at DKos, I’ve got Obama pegged for 353, with Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina and Florida among others going blue….but I wonder if I won’t alter that before the night is out? It’s not that I don’t think Obama will win, but rather a feeling that it might be tighter than we’d like, leading to thoughts of, what if it isn’t over by midnight, and we have to settle into a long night of the soul searching variety, hanging on to the numbers from each and every precint as the nets crawl towards their calls, and the lawyers sharpen their pencils for coming legal armageddon?

We, as Democrats, haven’t been at the precipice of a clear Presidential victory in 12 years, and in 2000, and possibly in 2004, victory was snatched away by something akin to real, actual election fraud. Between the certainty that the Republicans will be out in force tomorrow to try and perpetuate their hideous record of voter intimidation and succession, and the fact that McCain/Palin’s attack, scurrilous as they are, are getting the lion’s share of attention on TV and on blogs, and the fact that McCain’s last ditch slime (the coal thing) hits in at least two battlegrounds (OH and PA; I’d include WV but I’ve written that off as a Obama potential), there are bits and pieces and Reeses’ to worry about.

But then….you take a step back…..and realize that the bits and pieces don’t amount to a hill of beans, and even if they did, you could just draw back your foot and scatter them into a scattered hill of beans….and take a deep breath, and realize that less than 40 hours from now, we’re going to wake up to a world in which Barack Hussein Obama is the President-elect of the United States of America.

And you feel better…not that the worry is completely ameliorated, mind you, that’s not going to happen until sometime late tomorrow night, probably right about the time that Fox News is forced to admit the obvious, and calls the election in Obama’s favor…but better enough that you don’t want to hyperventilate.

It’s going to happen….it’s really gonna f’in happen….it’s REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN!!!! (insert happy version of a Dean Scream here, and fade to black…..)


    • pfiore8 on November 3, 2008 at 23:22

    i’m not sure how to feel right now. or what to think. i can’t rest. and if it happens, that obama wins, then what?

    it’s like those people who, after being unhappy for so long, are afraid to be happy . . .

    • RiaD on November 4, 2008 at 02:21

    have you seen this site?


    he was really close last time (according to wiki) & updates a couple times/day i think.

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