did i just hear what i just heard????????? holy shit.

ej and i are watching Dutch news at 8pm. and the video comes up of John McCain shouting to a crowd and i zero in when i hear::: I’M AN AMERICAN.”  that’s an exact quote. and then i think he said something like: i’m going to fight. don’t give up hope.

what the … what the … what the FUCK????????????????????????????

i mean i am stunned. even i am stunned. because at first, i heard it. and then i HEARD it. he’s an american. obama is not.

be ready on Nov. 5 is all i can say. maybe the progressives will become the new secessionists…

this just isn’t good.

anybody able to link this? because i’m still reeling………………

ps: the dutch love Obama!!!


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    • pfiore8 on November 1, 2008 at 19:50

    I found out this week that The Netherlands will grant me residency, so I’ll be getting a green card!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!

  1. a new washer and dryer I am going to save for a trip to visit you. Not sure when but I need a vacation.

  2. John Cleese was on KO last night and it was interesting to hear a non American opinion of McCain He says that the statement uttered by McCain in one of his rallies “My fellow prisoners…” if uttered anywhere else would have been all over the news and his mental fitness questioned. He says it says it all about his mental condition. Here the media treats him as an honorable, and all his ‘gaffes’ are only looked upon in the context of strategy. To seriously argue at a time like this about who is the Real American and come up with JTP shows that Palin is not the only whack job on the ticket.    

  3. But I honestly don’t think it’s boding too well, except, probably, with the evangelists and red-necks!

    Hi! 🙂

    I’m happy you will be having NL papers before long.  That’s super!

  4. You’re the only person I know who ever puts holy shit in your title or comments. It is convenient I know right away who wrote it.

    We should have a day where we all put cuss words in our diaries fuck I mean essays.

  5. a lot.  Here’s one video of an Oct. 13 speech where he uses the same line.  It’s at about 2:25 (I listened to the whole thing so you wouldn’t have to, unless you’re into pain):

    “I’m an American…”

    For some reason, I couldn’t embed the video, so I just posted the link to a webpage with the embedded video.

  6. Nathan Bedford Forrest and his white hooded friends are going to take to the hills and fight a guerilla war this time.

    Because John McCain is no Robert E. Lee.

    Fuck ’em.

    We’ll stomp you like bugs you are you bigoted motherfuckers.

  7. Your are lucky to be living in a world where the highest forms that human life and culture reside.

    The people are civil.

    And they are not dumb…not like here.

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