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Writing in the Raw….and the outfield moves in….

But don’t worry, I’m not insulted.  I’d be the first one to tell you that I’m a terrible choice for hostessing Writing in the Raw.  “No batter” indeed…

And although I’ve had months to ponder the concept, I have nothing to say, and even less inclination to do so.  There hasn’t been a reasonable, coherent, or relevant thought in my head for quite some time now.  It’s been lovely.

Significantly Insignificant

I hate malls.  And I especially hate what’s known in my area as ‘the mall’, although i live pretty much equidistant from two.  We only go when there’s a need.  And by ‘need’, I mean that we ‘need’ the right jewelry to go with our fancy party dress, or our ipod needs something specific that we can only get from the source.  These are relative needs, but if you’ve recently parented a 14-year-old girl, you’ll agree that ‘need’ is apt.  

So ‘the mall’ has decided to spiff up its image, courting some higher-end anchor stores to fill some pretty costly vacancies.  I understand that their need, also relative, is real.  The mall has been there for nearly 30 years, and those empty stores probably do cost us all in the long run.  I don’t pretend to understand such high-falutin’ economic principles….or the high-falutin’ anchor stores, for that matter…but I’m sure there is some truth to ‘the mall’ management’s need to fill those stores.

Pony Party, “breaking” :)

ha ha…

no, its not breaking news…it’s me.  i’m taking a (at least) 3-week hiatus from the a.m. pony.

there’s no definitive yet as to what, if anything, will replace it.  but please always remember that ‘Muse in the Morning” and “Docudharma Times” (or any alternate news thread) always function as open threads as well….

We dharminions dont appear to be morning people anyway…at least from my east coast perspective.  😉

Happy Mother’s Day

Sorry that i cant embed this video

(click it…watch it….you know you want to)

Pony Party, On Strike

Funkalicious Friday: Bring Your Own Funk

Tonight’s ‘Funkalicious Friday’ is presented with my sincerest apologies to ‘K9K’ and ‘BD’…I’m not fit to hold your usb cables….

So in the spirit of filling in on someone else’s funkalicious time slot….and with full awareness of my own lack of funkaliciousness….tonight’s installment will be dedicated to cover songs.

Dylan wrote it, Jimi rocked it….

Pony Party, If You Only See One Movie….

I recently had the opportunity to see “The Devil Came on Horseback” on the National Geographic channel (where it will be shown again Friday at 6 p.m. EDT).

It is the story of a U.S. Marine Captain named Brian Steidle, who takes an ‘oversight’ position in Darfur, armed only with a camera, to monitor a cease-fire between the Muslim north and the Christian south.

NHL Playoffs: Round 2

The first round was amazing…i always love the regular-season games, and then always pout, once the playoffs start, that they haven’t been playing this hard all year  😉  im such hockey brat!!

Anywho…here’s our first round results…

Eastern Conference

Montreal (1) over Boston in 7

Pittsburgh (2) swept Ottawa

Rangers (5) over NJ in 5.

Philly (6) over Washington in 7

Western Conference

Detroit (1) bested Nashville in 6

San Jose (2) beats Calgary in 7

Dallas (5) beat Anaheim in 6

Colorado (6) over Minnesota in 6

Pony Party, Phone it in Friday

I never get tired of this one

I cant even believe this is true

Ok, maybe I’m late to the game.  A lot escapes me.  I admit that.

But a friend of a friend just sent me and invite to a facebook group called “Prevent the ‘Artistic’ Death of a Dog”..

NHL Playoff Thread

I didn’t include the # of games predicted in the table because it was 2 am and i was tired…i hope to add them in soon…

who picked whom? H2D fortschreitend Night Owl undercovercalico 73v
Habs/Bruins Habs-5 Habs-4 Habs-5 Habs-6 Habs-6
Pens/Sens Pens-6 Pens-5 Pens-6 Pens-6 Pens-6/7
Caps/Flyers Caps-5 Flyers-7 Caps-7 Caps-7 Flyers-6
Devils/Rangers NJ-7 NJ-6 NY-7 NY-6 NY-7
Wings/Preds Wings-6 Wings-4 Wings-5 Wings-5 Wings-4
Sharks/Flames SJ-5 SJ-6 Sharks-6 Flames-6 SJ-5
Wild/Avs Avs-7 Wild-5 Avs-6 Wild-5 Wild-6/7
Ducks/Stars Ducks-5 Stars-7 Ducks-6 Ducks-6 Ducks-6

Feeling Vaginadequate

I’m not usually one to jump all over the news story of the day, much less the sex scandal of the day…evidenced by the fact that it’s been a full 2 weeks since the story broke…

And I have to admit, I haven’t followed the Eliot Spitzer story very closely.  Until just a couple of days ago, I’d have to say I didn’t really much care who the governor had sex with, for how much money, over which state lines, etc.  

I probably still wouldn’t care, if I hadn’t recently been clued in to the fact that Ashley Dupre, the woman who had said sex, took said money, and crossed said state lines, has a ‘magic vagina’, which has been called the prettiest vagina in New York.  And, no, the link isn’t to a picture of her vagina, nor have I seen any.  However, this picture attempts to show us the various ‘features’ which could, possibly, make a vagina worth $5000. a night.  Yep, that’s just a rental.  You don’t even get to keep it.  

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