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Funkaliscious Friday – Best/Favorite Female Vocalist

If anyone’s hanging around this holiday evening, I thought it might be fun to have a “battle of the best female vocalist” just for fun. I know it has nothing to do with the holiday we’re supposed to be celebrating, but I didn’t think a “patriotic funkaliscious” would go down to well with this crowd. LOL

My nomination for best female vocalist goes to k.d. Lang and here’s three reasons why.


Funkalicious Friday: Back!

Ok ….semi back, for blogging purposes. I could explain why or I could give you the short version…so here is the short version.

Whine whine whine whine whine. I could go on, but I hate whining!

Funkalicious Friday: Hurts!

Funkalicious Friday: Bottom

Primero…go read smackdown goodness!

Proximo: Random tube seventies centric surfology loosely to do with bass lines and blamelessly inspired by Robyn’s mention of Nilsson. Could these be the absolute best bass lines evaahhh???


Surely not.

Not even close, AAMOF, as you are about to prove in the comments! Show me up and dress me down….just don’t call me Shirley! But this first vid is surely the best bass song evah!

Funkalicious Friday: Boogie On!

What is the meaning of Boogie? Wikipedia has one answer. I (unsurprisingly) have another. Boogie is what makes me boogie. Or…..alternatively….songs that have boogie in the title.

i. e.

Funkadelic Friday Flashback

In memory of …

Thanks to buhdy for giving me the chance to guest host tonight!  Did you find that blotter yet dude?

Funkalicious Friday: Bring Your Own Funk

Tonight’s ‘Funkalicious Friday’ is presented with my sincerest apologies to ‘K9K’ and ‘BD’…I’m not fit to hold your usb cables….

So in the spirit of filling in on someone else’s funkalicious time slot….and with full awareness of my own lack of funkaliciousness….tonight’s installment will be dedicated to cover songs.

Dylan wrote it, Jimi rocked it….

Funkalicious Friday Special Edition: Do You Know What It Means?

NPK is out of town, so instead of Friday Night at 8, welcome to a mini version of the NOLA/Gulf Coast Blogathon. I know NPK would approve!

Funkalicious Friday: El-l-l-l-l-VI!!!

Elvis has NOT left the building!

In fact the place is fairly crawling with them!

Funkalicious Friday: um….songs!

Stream of consciousness Youtube surfing, brought to you by my Minor Brain Chemical Imbalances.

Starting with: The song stuck in my head this morning, a cliche now, but undeniably a great song and great geetar.

Funkalicious Friday: DIY!

The tubes are slow tonight my friends, like an old man in a deli trying to send back soup…..???

It took me half an hour to get this one Tube to load far enough so I could copy the embed code…and I can’t even listen to it! But I think it is appropriate, since I will have to lean on y’all to fill out the play list tonight, Goddess Bless ALL of you!

Now, get to work!

Funkalicious Friday: Interesting Days

Yessireebob, indeed, indeed yes indeedy do…..no doobt aboot it, by golly…ayup, ayup uh-huh

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