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Rocket Science 101

Why is it that only “thinking” people get it?  It isn’t rocket science.  I’m going to take my state newspaper to task here.

Maybe we can call it “late late capitalism” now?

This diary will muse upon the events of the last week or so, with especial reference to recent DKos diaries which I’ve been reading, putting them in the context of the real conditions in which we live…  the end result will be to characterize the political economy of the present as “late, late capitalism” while reflecting upon as a site of lively discussion about current events.

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Random Japan

Well, duh

An internal affairs ministry survey found that annual household expenditures on sports, including purchases of equipment and fees for gym memberships, rise in proportion to Japan’s success in the Olympics.

It was reported that 24 Ground Self-Defense Force recruits had to be rushed to the hospital after “a supervisor urged them to lick plastic explosives during a blast drill.”

Four Upper House lawmakers who tried to form their own political party were stymied when a fifth member got cold feet, leaving the group one shy of the minimum number of pols needed to start a new faction.

A consumer group in Kansai sued an eikaiwa chain called Global Trinity for engaging in “coercive tactics” to enroll new students, including locking them in offices at the schools.

An Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry survey found that 52.9 percent of restaurants are using more domestic vegetables than they used to.

Seventy-year-old rakugo storyteller Tsukitei Kacho was fined ¥300,000 for stalking his ex-girlfriend. The court found that during one 24-hour stretch in early August, he called the woman’s mobile phone 13 times and tried to win her back by telling dirty stories.

Deconstructing the Constructive

Call me Sibel Edmonds.  The calls have gone out in search of legal representation I can not afford.  A simple “early retirement” offer from the evil Sith Overlords who rule my global Illuminati connected company has taken ten years off my life.  Physical exercise burns calories but emotional stress burns more.  The trickle down effect has in fact trickled down, down to us lowly sargents, the ones who actually do something for someone, and they are flogging us big time.

When employees are solicited to testify against my boss, who has only been one of God’s angels of goodness and light in the evil empire of corporate assholianism then the Apocalypse is very, very soon.  Yes, the book is on it’s way.  As his second in worldview and knowledge of absolute corruption and non adherence to their very own “anti-public corruption compliance” programs I happen to have the very same red bullseye painted on the back of my head too.

It is a very long story and the meditating monks are working on the situation.

Bottom line is that another functioning American company has been crippled into non-existence, brilliantly, Rovian-ly, Satanically inspired it is.  The parent company, the Illuminati connected one, global in scope and scale though will remain unphased and free to corrupt other nations with it’s Satanic nature.

Stay tuned for further incoherent updates.  Where is my fucking horse and Lord you may smite these motherfuckers any time you please.  I am under a sort of gag order like Sibel but I am also perfectly capable of providing obscure but understandable references to those here of reasonable intelligence.  We have in fact erased years upon years of gains in rights for workers in the labor force to benefit one man’s 10 million golden parachute “retirement package”.

Stay tuned, names will be named, as will Satanic assholes.

Pirate Pony Party

Yo ho ho!  Here be the Parrrrrty!


by cadmanof50s (flickr creative commons)

Friday Night at 8: The Rich

(Peggy Lee, “Why Don’t You Do Right,” with Benny Goodman, etc., courtesy of YouTube’s nik 1297)

The rich want to get richer.  Rich, rich, rich.  Ah, the good life.

‘Course there’s old money and new money and probably a whole lot of other categories as well.

Friday Philosophy: Kindness

It’s been a tough week with so much financial disaster going on.  At least I suppose it is disaster for some.  Having lived five dozen years, I sort of accept this sort of thing as the periodic consequences of “business as usual.”

The cliche that comes to mind is, “The more things change, the more things stay the same.”  Which is, of course, not really true, except in a truthiness sort of way.  When things change, there is change.  The question is how we, as a society, respond to that change.  Mostly what I have observed is “kicking and screaming.”  There has certainly not been a calm and rational acceptance of change in our society, any more than most people accept substantive change in their own personal view of the world.

But sometimes we have to accept monumental change, or at least the possibility of it, in order to progress as a species.  That there have generally been some negative side-effects to accompany such change is regrettable.  I tend to thing that those negatives often result from those who cannot adjust to the change in a rational, pro-Earth (and all the beings that inhabit this planet) manner.  But the world has never really seemed interested in what I think, it seems, so maybe that’s not all that worthy a subject to pursue.

But I wonder.  I have always wondered.  There is plenty to wonder about.  “What if?”  Isn’t that what separates us from those who are not of our species?  Aren’t we just the beings whom have never been able to stop asking, “What if?”

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