Rocket Science 101

Why is it that only “thinking” people get it?  It isn’t rocket science.  I’m going to take my state newspaper to task here.

The State newspaper is run by Mr. Heitz.  The Editorial Vice President is Mr. Warthan.  I had a meeting with both of those individuals several months ago, and, was basically ignored by them.

In January 2007, I sent an email to The State and basically told them that newspapers such as The State were on the decline.  In February 2007, I told The State that blogs were going to replace the traditional media because people were tired of the spin in the MSM.  By September 2007, I was asking The State what they would do when they starting losing their jobs.  In March through June 2008, lo’ and behold, McClatchy Holdings which owns The State newspaper announced it was cutting 10% of the workforce and The State announced it had to “cut back”.

In May 2008, when I wrote The State newspaper about the foreclosure crisis and how South Carolina was the hardest hit on military family foreclosures, they were still in denial over the financial crisis.  Now, 4 months later, Mr. Warthan finally found the gall to blog on the financial crisis being the next 9/11 and what does he say?

What an amazing time for a spirit of bipartisan cooperation to emerge — if that indeed happens (and if it doesn’t, we’re sunk).

You read it right.  After 8 years of the GOP sinking our economy, Mr. Warthan wants BI-PARTISANSHIP!  And, to show you just how clueless he is…

Now, I’m at a loss. I don’t know what it is I want the government to coalesce around. Maybe Bush and Paulson are taking the right steps, but I don’t know. To me, a financial mess of this magnitude is more perplexing than terrorist attacks. Not as immediately horrible, but less understandable. And that leaves me uneasy.

Yep.  After years, if not decades, of the GOP fighting for deregulation that allowed the insurance companies, the banks, the credit unions, and every other financial organization to run amok, Mr. Warthan is simply stunned into numbness on how to fix it.  Oh, and to top it all off?  He, like the GOP who gave us this disaster, hopes that we won’t play the blame game…

But I hope the potential described above is realized. As uncertain as I am about the way forward, I would feel much better if we’d drop the party games and face it together. That would help a great deal.

That’s right.  Let’s not blame the GOP, their hacks, their shills, and all of their supporters for giving us this nightmare.  Let’s not hold them all accountable.  Let’s just work through this nightmare they gave us together.

And, you guessed it, the GOP supporters are still in denial.  Just read a few comments on Mr. Warthan’s blog.  It would be comedy gold if it wasn’t so sad the state we are now in as a nation.  

You’d think after getting slapped in the face with just how wrong they have been, after calling everyone else foolish, they just might wake up.  I mean, it’s not rocket science… or… maybe it is for the GOP and their supporters.


    • Edger on September 20, 2008 at 12:25

    “Because we were completely incompetent and brainless we have to keep on being incompetent and brainless so we don’t have to face the reality that we were incompetent and brainless and so that some day, if we keep on being incompetent and brainless, eventually the brainless ends will justify the incompetent means and it will become clear to everyone that incompetent and brainless was the only way to go, all along.”

    Definitely not rocket science. 😉

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