Deconstructing the Constructive

Call me Sibel Edmonds.  The calls have gone out in search of legal representation I can not afford.  A simple “early retirement” offer from the evil Sith Overlords who rule my global Illuminati connected company has taken ten years off my life.  Physical exercise burns calories but emotional stress burns more.  The trickle down effect has in fact trickled down, down to us lowly sargents, the ones who actually do something for someone, and they are flogging us big time.

When employees are solicited to testify against my boss, who has only been one of God’s angels of goodness and light in the evil empire of corporate assholianism then the Apocalypse is very, very soon.  Yes, the book is on it’s way.  As his second in worldview and knowledge of absolute corruption and non adherence to their very own “anti-public corruption compliance” programs I happen to have the very same red bullseye painted on the back of my head too.

It is a very long story and the meditating monks are working on the situation.

Bottom line is that another functioning American company has been crippled into non-existence, brilliantly, Rovian-ly, Satanically inspired it is.  The parent company, the Illuminati connected one, global in scope and scale though will remain unphased and free to corrupt other nations with it’s Satanic nature.

Stay tuned for further incoherent updates.  Where is my fucking horse and Lord you may smite these motherfuckers any time you please.  I am under a sort of gag order like Sibel but I am also perfectly capable of providing obscure but understandable references to those here of reasonable intelligence.  We have in fact erased years upon years of gains in rights for workers in the labor force to benefit one man’s 10 million golden parachute “retirement package”.

Stay tuned, names will be named, as will Satanic assholes.


  1. When a “responsible” company attacks one of it’s faithful servants of multiple (30) years and multiple meritorious service awards (3) including monetary gifts of $50,000 US dollars, when $50,000 US dollars was in fact a glorious sum indeed.  To throw such a man out only to passify the assholian, Satanic, retarded decisions of assholes elevated to “management” well.

    That has to be the Illuminati Plan to Destroy America.

    Such a society deserves to be ended don’t it.

  2. I am also perfectly capable of providing obscure but understandable references to those here of reasonable intelligence.

    and await further instructions and the names which may help to do whatever is required to do.

  3. … when the pinheads are in charge.

    I’m keeping you and your family in my thoughts and in my heart, lasthorseman.

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