Friday Night at 8: The Rich

(Peggy Lee, “Why Don’t You Do Right,” with Benny Goodman, etc., courtesy of YouTube’s nik 1297)

The rich want to get richer.  Rich, rich, rich.  Ah, the good life.

‘Course there’s old money and new money and probably a whole lot of other categories as well.

My ex-husband’s best friend came from an extremely wealthy family.  He was enormously, shall I say, “thrifty.”  Wouldn’t ever take a cab, only subways,and if he could walk and save the subway fare, all the better.

I know another fellow who came from modest circumstances in Brooklyn and now is very wealthy.  He’s the least materialistic person I’ve ever met and I have no doubt if he lost all his money his personality and character would not change one whit.  I find that amazing, and am glad to have known such a person.

Then you have the young urban professionals, who in Manhattan, can be making up to high six figures annually.  Of course there’s exceptions, but they’re the ones who give business to all the trendy restaurants and nightclubs.  They also provide great color to the Big Apple Scene in their youth and fashion.  Whether these folks will stay wealthy remains to be seen, but a good percentage of them will.

I have nothing against rich people.  I remember when Bush stole the election in 2000 and begun his criminal tax cuts for the rich, there were a whole lot of rich folks who objected, and especially super wealthy parents who weren’t exactly thrilled with the slash in the capital gains tax (maybe their heirs weren’t entirely admirable, who knows).

I work for lawyers who make a lot of money.  Much of that is spent in the first several years of practice paying off student loans and also paying way too much rent to live close to work.  I’ve spoken to many of the newbies over the years.  In the 80’s, oh that was a bad crew, obnoxious, rude, arrogant and entitled.  But for the past decade or so, each new class is as nice as can be, they have ideals and want to make a difference in the world along with making lots of money to pay off their student loans.

There’s a lot of rich folks who would pay way more taxes with no complaint.  I know this because I’ve spoken with some and read about others.

I’m not rich, by the way.

Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of stupid people who are rich.  I don’t think you should be allowed to be rich unless you pass a test, really.

There are incompetent dolts who occupy some of the highest positions in business and commerce, in all our industries both for and non-profit.  They make a lot of money and do nothing but screw things up.  I think that happens when a bureaucracy becomes too big and I guess when the power structure of a society becomes too lopsided and corrupt.

The stupid rich people don’t even enjoy their money.  They’re too busy using their energy to keep folks from realizing they are stupid fools.  It really is a shame, all that money being wasted.

We have old dilapidated institutions here in America.  And we have fresh minds who are unfazed by confronting the challenges of our times.  It isn’t the rich who are the problem.  The big obstacle to this union of problem and solution is the criminal crooks and common thieves who are occupying the White House in Washington D.C.  They have spread their poison throughout the land and in every state, city and town, their minions have prospered, in an icky sort of way.

There are solutions to our problems.  We need to get rid of these crooks, throw them in jail, make our society understand this kind of behavior is no longer allowed — I believe that’s called, um, laws, something like that.

I’ve written a lot about impeachment over the last several years.  The circumstances will change after November 2008, but the need for accountability will not.  No matter who gains the White House in November, to me that goal of holding these crooks to account will hold just the same as it always has.

We have solutions, and people who know how to implement them.  But there’s a stinking obstacle in our halls of government.  Make no mistake about that.


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  1. … I’m not drunk, but I may as well be.

    (courtesy of YouTube’s Revan0357)

  2. all right.  One’s name is George, another is a Dick, and then there are all the cronies who whisper sweet nothings in their ears instead of forcing them to actually, y’know, learn something.  Both should be in jail.

    But Bush is worse: born with a silver foot in his mouth, incurious, given an opportunity for a great education (squandered), AWOL at every crisis that ever mattered since Vietnam…tell me how we can put him in jail, preferably the same cell as his BFF Dick.  Because I just don’t see it happening, damn it.

  3. a couple of years ago while working to raise $1.8 million for our capital campaign at work. We met with several of the uber wealthy men (yes, they’re all men) in our state. A mixed bag to be sure.

    One of them was a very compassionate and direct man who gives away hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. But he’s a vocal Republican and most of it goes to religious-based charities. He talked about buying a couple of businesses – not because they made him any money – but because he wanted some places to give young people jobs. The take-away for me in the whole conversation was when he told us that as a result of Bush tax cuts, he was giving away an additional $300,000 a year. All I could think about was…just how big were those tax cuts???

    On the other hand, the uber wealthy Democrat we met with was a total looser. We had to sit and listen to him talk on and on about his own financial genius and his elaborate fishing vacation with his son where the yacht they traveled on came complete with their own french chef. What a self-absorbed asshole he was!!!!

    I think rich people are just as complex as poor people. They just have the luxury of lording it over us with their money.  

  4. They unveiled a new banner today to celebrate the rich getting everything they wanted.

  5. Sullivan’s Travels?  It’s a classic film from Preston Sturges, released in 1941 but set during the Depression.  A rich screenwriter wants to get “real, genuine” experience of what it’s like to be poor, so he goes on the road.

    These two clips don’t really do justice to the film.  It’s well worth your time to rent it and watch the whole thing.

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