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Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

Everyone has the seed of awakening

and insight within his or her heart.

Let us help each other touch these seeds in ourselves

so that everyone can have the courage to speak out.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Phenomena XXVIII: planting

Relative Size

Small Moments

I am not John Chapman

But I’d be honored

if some of my words

were the seeds

for someone like him

If history

has taught me anything

it is that

it will not be me

who can spread those words

and the thoughts they express

It takes someone like you

rather than someone like me

All I can do is

interact with you

make a minor adjustment

in those small moments

that make change possible

–Robyn Elaine Serven

–June 6, 2008

Through the Darkest of Nights: Testament XXXV

Every few days over the next several months I will be posting installments of a novel about life, death, war and politics in America since 9/11.  Through the Darkest of Nights is a story of hope, reflection, determination, and redemption.  It is a testament to the progressive values we all believe in, have always defended, and always will defend no matter how long this darkness lasts.  But most of all, it is a search for identity and meaning in an empty world.

Naked and alone we came into exile.  In her dark womb, we did not know our mother’s face; from the prison of her flesh have we come into the unspeakable and incommunicable prison of this earth. Which of us has known his brother?  Which of us has looked into his father’s heart?  Which of us has not remained prison-pent?  Which of us is not forever a stranger and alone?      ~Thomas Wolfe

All installments are available for reading here on Docudharma’s Series page, and also here on Docudharma’s Fiction Page, where refuge from politicians, blogging overload, and one BushCo outrage after another can always be found.

The Stars Hollow Gazette

Fucking Finally!  Fucking bad YouTubes.  Fuck Them!

Fuck Faux Noise!



For those of you who saw my test shots for this same vantage point, here are ones I shot tonight.

The usual links are unchanged, as I`ve been quite occupied of late.

Please bear with me, though.

I`ll be back to full capacity soon, I hope.

Meanwhile, stay balanced poised & smiling,.. please.

The Big Green Tent

In the coming days, for those not actively on the Democratic National Convention (DNC) floor, The Big Tent will be one of (if not the) places to be.  And, much of the Tent will be colored Green.  Much of The Big Tent’s agenda will focus on Green initiatives, energy efficiency, and Global Warming.  

Looking at this schedule makes this blogger envious of those able to attend.

And, a few tinges of off-green makes this same blogger concerned.

Energizing America: Setting a Freshmen Agenda for Progress

At Netroots Nation, six dedicated people joined to discuss Energizing America:  Setting an Agenda for Progress.  On this panel were three core members of the Energize America team and three Energy Smart candidates who are part of the effort to change the composition of Congress toward one more knowledgeable and concerned about creating a sensible energy future.

Part of the discussion was how to provide a rallying point for the freshmen (and women) class of 2009, to join together for passage a set of legislative initiatives to help spark an Energy Smart renaissance across the United States.

This effort is developing.  

But, this development is missing something.


Join me, after the fold, for a discussion of concepts and ideas as to moving forward together.

Laughing Ponies: Che Guevara!

Original page via

Che’s life humorous?  Let’s see beyond the break!

Transformational Retrofitting

I got this fool idea in my head a few months ago, and it still hasn’t gone away, so I thought maybe I could just write it out and then I’ll be able to forget it.

It came from a comment I made in an essay by Turkana on torture, back in April, which said, in part:

… just finished telling a market researcher who called why I don’t do market surveys.

After I hung up I thought … and not even angrily, or anything, just thought, maybe that survey company should start surveying how people feel about torturing … about a whole lot of other things than what car folks drive and their favorite breakfast cereal.

And I think of the state of the world and wonder how much of our already present industries and companies and various annoying capitalistic systems could be transformed, retrofitted somehow, to be of help rather than the insult to injury they are now.

North Pole Stand-off

Canada, Russia, Denmark, Norway and the United States are squaring off over 1.2 million square kilometers (460,000 square miles) of Arctic seabed, thought to hold 25 percent of the world’s undiscovered oil and gas.

Experts estimate the ridge has ten billion tons of gas and oil deposits and significant sources of diamonds, gold, tin, manganese, nickel, lead and platinum.


A UN convention says none can claim jurisdiction over the Arctic seabed because the geological structure does not match the surrounding continental shelves.  

Putin disagrees.  Russian scientists have returned from a six-week mission on a nuclear ice-breaker to claim that the 1,220-mile long underwater Lomonosov Ridge is geologically linked to the Siberian continental platform – and similar in structure.

Poisoning the Asylum Well

Charlie Savage has an article in today’s New York Times focusing on the politicization of the civil service process that selects the nation’s immigration judges. The use of a political litmus test for the conservatism of Department of Justice applicants surfaced last summer in

… two scathing reports confirming that for several years administration officials illegally took political affiliation into account when hiring recent law school graduates, summer associates, some assistant prosecutors and immigration judges.

The culprits in this twisted, and illegal, vetting process were the assistant to the Attorney General, Kyle Sampson, and two former White House flunkies, Monica Goodling and Jan Williams. The story about the disparities in adjudication of asylum cases surfaced in a Stanford Law Review report last Spring (which I covered at the time.)

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