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Che Guevara Meets Trashman: The Genius of Spain Rodriguez

Original article by Ron Jacobs, via dissidentvoice.org:

Like many of my contemporaries, I grew up on comic books. From the mainstream graphic fiction starring Billy Batson and Archie to the alternative realities of the Zap Comix universe and the Freak Brothers, those stories with pictures entertained me and enhanced my world. Nowadays, comic-styled tales and interpretations of classic novels claim a popular space in libraries and bookstores across much of the world. Many of the graphic novels are geared towards a youthful audience and deal with teen angst, vampires and such. Others are designed to convince the reader of a certain point of view and are often published by an organization or group with a particular point of view. Then there are those that stand alone.

Laughing Ponies: Che Guevara!

Original page via newsocialist.org.

Che’s life humorous?  Let’s see beyond the break!