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There are people who don’t think that I’m a cold hearted killer of a partisan Democrat.  They are mistaken.

My motivation is my conviction that the radical, social democratic parts of my political agenda are more likely to come to pass under a party that at least espouses some claim to the principles this nation was founded on and can perhaps be shamed in to action on the most egregious offenses.

I believe that the most efficient way to create an atmosphere where that can happen is to permanently eradicate the Republican Party root and branch and make the “conservative” brand a mark of Cain.  Biblical destruction, sowing of salt in the fields, their lamentations music to our ears.

Dead as the Whigs.

It may be that we will have to suffer under 8 or 16 years of Democratic Party failure too, but at least it will be Democratic Party failure and not a frog march into the dustbin of history.

I expect massive disappointment at best.

The struggle will be to create a democratic wing that is strong enough to fly on it’s own, and it’s just not yet.  The environment needs to get better.

It is no secret that I think we need change in the Corporate Media Culture of Washington D.C..  Sally Quinn and Tim Russert deserve the judgement of history on their complicity, but nobody lives forever.  Things can change and they are changing.  People don’t buy the bullshit so much anymore, look at the ranking of “journalists” in any credibility poll.

Right there with Congress.

So better Democrats and Rachel Maddow, that all you got ek?

It’s a start.  We need to build on this success.

Most of all we need to keep our eye on the goal and it will be hard because we’re a long way away.  It’s certainly not going to end in November.


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  1. At least it was a good show.

  2. …3 hurricanes are predicted to hit the u.s. during the proposed time frame of the republican convention…theyre thinking of delaying the convention until after the storms hit…**

    i love irony soooo much….contented sigh….

    **as MSNBC reported from AP wire….still waiting for an online story…so i cant link it….

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