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Veterans Charity? or Political PAC!

U.S. Navy Veterans Association. {If you visit that link be prepared, patriotic music, and looks like an real early style website produced by someone who is a lousy pitchman, or grifter, as it screams at you.}

Another scam charity by those who use our military personal and veterans for their own personal wealth and comfort? The cut and links below are the first of two reports on this charity{?} or extension of political PAC{!}. The second part and links follow that.

U.S. Navy Veterans Association: Under the radar  

Transformational Retrofitting

I got this fool idea in my head a few months ago, and it still hasn’t gone away, so I thought maybe I could just write it out and then I’ll be able to forget it.

It came from a comment I made in an essay by Turkana on torture, back in April, which said, in part:

… just finished telling a market researcher who called why I don’t do market surveys.

After I hung up I thought … and not even angrily, or anything, just thought, maybe that survey company should start surveying how people feel about torturing … about a whole lot of other things than what car folks drive and their favorite breakfast cereal.

And I think of the state of the world and wonder how much of our already present industries and companies and various annoying capitalistic systems could be transformed, retrofitted somehow, to be of help rather than the insult to injury they are now.