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1 Yet another `American Idol’ hopeful flubs lyrics to a song

Associated Press

Tue May 6, 11:41 PM ET  

Muse in the Morning


On Being Lazy

The bad part about laziness

is the guilt that insists I

accomplish things in order

to hide that facet

The paradox is that if I

became free to be lazy

I suspect I would get

much more accomplished

–Robyn Elaine Serven

–February 5, 2008

Please join us inside to celebrate our various muses…

Iglesia………………………………………Episode 53

(Iglesia is a serialized novel, published on Tuesdays and Saturdays at midnight ET, you can read all of the episodes by clicking on the tag.)

Previous episode. Previous pertinent episode.

Paul ran down the stairs, trying to catch Iglesia before she left.

He had bolted upright in bed just a moment ago, stunned form sleep by remembering that he hadn’t had a chance last night to tell her that he would be working even later at the Medical Center tonight than usual. It was important, since it was the penultimate day of the peak of her cycle and he was supposed to try to to get her pregnant tonight.

She was going to be pissed enough at him for having to work late. The thought of how pissed she would be if she stayed up to wait for him …and then him standing her up…..well, his balls literally shriveled a little at the thought of that confrontation. Part of ‘the deal’ of their marriage was that he was a receptor for her temper. He preferred it that way, since he could usually deal with the tempest with a certain grace and equanimity, and it beat having her assault random strangers at the drop of a hat.

State Killing Recommences In Georgia

This disgusting, barbarous event will be overlooked in the news about the primaries in Indiana and North Carolina.  

This evening Georgia resumed killing its prisoners by lethal injection.  William Earl Lynd has been executed. This is the 1100th execution in the modern era and the first following the Supreme Court’s ruling in Baze v. Rees, upholding Kentucky’s lethal injection protocol.  It has been almost 8 months since a state killed a prisoner. This is longest amount of time between executions since at least the early nineties.

Convicted Georgia prisoner William Earl Lynd was executed Tuesday, the first inmate to be put to death since the U.S. Supreme Court lifted its nationwide ban on executions.

Lynd was pronounced dead at 7:51 pm at the Diagnostic and Classification prison in Jackson, Georgia as anti-death penalty activists stood in quiet protest outside.

According to prison officials, Lynd had been “somber all day,” and had requested a mild sedative before being lead to the death chamber.

Lynd had been convicted for the 1988 kidnapping and murder of live-in girlfriend Ginger Moore.


The crime was an extremely brutal one, and Lynd waited on death row for almost 20 years to be killed while he appealed.

Tonight, almost 2 decades later, Georgia executed him by lethal injection.  The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that “he was the 41st man Georgia has executed since 1983, the 19th by lethal injection.”  He was 53 years old.

Barbarism and revenge killing have returned to the US.  I want it to be understood that William Earl Lynd was not killed in my name.  I detest killing.  I detest Lynd’s killing his victim.  My heart goes out to the victim, her family, Lynd, Lynd’s family, the lawyers who defended and prosecuted him, the jurors who deliberated his case, the judges who ruled at his trial and appeals, those who wrote and those who read the newspaper coverage of the crime and the trial and the execution, in fact, everyone who had knowledge of this case or any contact with it.  How can we live with ourselves when to revenge a killing, we permit our government to kill?  

Mahatama Gandhi correctly identified the issue. “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.”

An economic stimulus for the antiwar movement?

Is the U.S. Treasury, which can’t print money fast enough to pay for the trillion-dollar tragedy in Iraq, about to give an economic stimulus to peace organizations working to stop the war?

It seems highly unlikely, but if it doesn’t happen it won’t be because the antiwar folks haven’t tried.  Many seem to be on the same wave length as an email I received yesterday from United for Peace and Justice:

Spend your stimulus check on peace! The sooner the war ends, the more money the nation saves. Not to mention the lives and futures of millions of people. So let’s use the stimulus money to stop the war, bring all of the troops home and get the nation’s budget back on track.

We invite you to spend your stimulus check, or some portion of it, on the one thing the Bush administration doesn’t want you to invest in: Help strengthen the peace and justice movement!

Steve Burns, a staffer for the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice, like UFPJ a coalition of many groups, didn’t even wait to get his check.  He wrote to President Bush in March to tell him how he was spending his stimulus check:

Taking a Short Sabbatical

Halfway through this.…

And reading between the lines explains why Pelosi didn’t impeach.

New insight into this summer’s bombing raids on Iran.

The Satanic brilliance of the newest business buzzword and green initiative PR promotional campaign Sustainability

Plus another short camping trip this weekend.  I must fully digest this book.

I must consult with my fellow hatters and alert the others.  Arguments, interpretations, formums and discussions can and must be done.

Pentagon’s Propaganda Documents Go Online

These documents were released to the New York Times regarding the Pentagon’s Military Analyst program.

Much more in Backtrack can be found at this link at PR!

Evening Edition

6 pm- Africa 1, Asia 5, Europe 2, North America 1, South America 3, News & Politics 5, Entertainment 1, Business 7, Science 4, Health 2, Blogline 5

Gas Tax Holiday Could Become a Permanant Vacation

Ever since McCain and Clinton proposed and Obama opposed a Gas Tax Holiday, a proposal to repeal the 18.4 cent Federal tax on gasoline for the summer months, there has been near universal condemnation of the idea from a policy standpoint. There is another aspect though that is arguably worse. If enacted, the “holiday” would become a political football in the general election and runs the risk of becoming a permanent vacation.

Before getting into that, here is a little discussion of the policy debate. It can be skipped by those who have been following this issue closely.

Pon ye ye

I’m fine!  There, that’s out of the way.

Our journey today takes us from In Grid to Sugar Blue.

From the ‘Be careful what you click on Department’

An Italian Pop-Soul Singer covers Dylan in Warsaw:

Okay, so that’s not too good, an enthusiastic, but possibly really, really drunk crowd…..but I got curious, she’s very popular in Poland…

So then you see one that says:  I Was a Ye Ye Girl.

Move to the ‘What’s New is Old Department’

(In Related Videos , there’s also Dracula Ye Ye  and Egyptian Reggae, but I’m trying to stay focused here on the Ye Ye Phenomenon)

Yé-yé was a style of pop music that emerged out of France and Québec in the early 1960s. Yeye means young, innocent, and cute.

le snip premier

The yeye movement had its origins in the radio programme “Salut les copains”, created by Lucien Morisse and hosted by Daniel Philippacci, which was first aired in December 1959. This program became an immediate success and one of its sections (“le chouchou de la semaine” / “this week’s sweetheart”) turned to be the starting point for most yeye singers. Any song that was presented as a chouchou went straight to the first places in the charts.

le snip deuxieme

Gainsbourg called France Gall the French Lolita, and, wanting to check to which extent her innocence was real, composed for her the song “Les sucettes” (“Lollipops”): “Annie loves lollipops, aniseed lollipops, when the sweet liquid runs down Annie’s throat, she is in paradise “. It is amazing to think that not even that video (with all those giant penis-like sucettes dancing around) rang a bell for poor France! She was finally told of the double meaning of the song and that is when her yeye period finished… Her innocence was gone and it took her some 5 years to sing again, now with a completely different style.

le snip troisieme

As mentioned above, the yeye movement was led by female singers, but that does not mean that there were not any yeye guys.

Link to France Gall doing Les sucettes due to content.…

DO NOT REC THIS   Go re-read ucc and get really horny, then come back.

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