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A Baltimore Herald Update

As some of you may have observed I’ve been working out my proposal for the Baltimore Herald.

The part I’ve been working on with the Morning and Evening Editions is news gathering and story formatting.

Now the news gathering part has been a rip roaring success from my standpoint- 80 stories today!  And it is somewhat easier and less time consuming to visit frequently and harvest just a little bit at a time.

Evening Edition

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Stories collected from 6 pm to 8 pm

So I think this proves for sure that the material is out there to do this.  This is 80 stories today.

Morning Edition

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Evening Edition




2 pm 12 Zimbabwe opposition mulls conditions for run-off


1 US strike takes out suspected militant hideout in Sadr City

2 China seeking "positive outcome" from Tibet talks

6am 1 Olympic torch arrives on safer terrain in mainland China

6am 2 US military: 4 Marines killed in Anbar province in Iraq

6am 3 Malaysia angers women with travel-restriction idea

6am 14 War shrine film opens in Tokyo amid tight security

10 am 2 Iraq’s first lady unharmed after her motorcade is bombed

10 am 3 Gunmen pull Iraqi journalist from car, kill her

10 am 5 Japan warns rising food prices could lead to unrest in Asia

10 am 6 ASEAN committed to free trade pact with Australia, NZ: minister


5 Poll rout raises questions over British PM’s future

South America

10 am 1 Bolivian state begins key, and defiant, autonomy vote

2 pm 13 Bolivia’s richest region votes on autonomy drive

2 pm 15 U.S. Rancher in Bolivia Showdown



3 Health care waits to ignite as campaign issue

7 Amtrak plans multi-city celebration of ‘National Train Day’

10 Is Liberal Catholicism Dead?

2 pm 7 Old cemetery poses grave dilemma for buyers of Vt. farm

2 pm 17 Democrats pick up House seat in Louisiana


6am 7 Lego’s latest brick trick: a virtual world

6am 8 GTA 4 poised to dominate Xbox Live

6am 11 Hollywood actors and studios extend labor talks again

6am 12 "Iron Man" gets heavy start at box office

6am 13 ‘Iron Man’ Hero Personifies Modern Military Contractors


4 Microsoft withdraws offer for Yahoo

9 Pawnbrokers thrive as US economy falters

11 Buffett and Munger reassure shareholders about succession

12 Buffett says Fed avoided chaos in Bear bailout

13 ECB to stay on high alert until inflation fades: analysts

6am 9 Walmart.com using Wii Fit to boost Mom’s Day sales

10 am 4 Barclays eyes possible Korea investor: report


14 Malaysian palm oil struggles to promote ‘green’ image

15 Africa’s biggest oil producer goes green

6am 4 Smarter electric grid could be key to saving power

6am 5 Crackdown on traffickers strains Thailand’s wildlife centres

6am 6 Asian vultures may face extinction in India, study warns


6 Common drugs hasten decline in elderly: study

8 U.S. parents’ baby knowledge lacking, study finds

6am 10 Doctors to reassess antibiotics for ‘chronic Lyme’ disease

2 pm 25 24 Chinese children die of virus; other countries affected

Bloglines 5/4

2 pm 1 Bill Moyers– by tristero

2 pm 2 And Still We Have No Voice– by tristero

2 pm 3 The Wall– by digby

2 pm 4 Another Minuteman Outfit Consorts With Nazis– By David Neiwert

2 pm 5 The media, the Right and 1988: endless deja vu– by Glenn Greenwald

2 pm 6 Fox’s Faux Populism vs A Shadow Elite–pt. 2– by Paul Rosenberg

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These were modified one link at a time pacified, maybe you can see a pattern in it that I cannot.

Oh, and they’re all direct copies (or were) of the originals that worked first time every time below with everything cut but the links (a handy way to collect ex post facto lists).

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