Muse in the Morning

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Shiny Objects

Words arrive

at the edge

of consciousness

searching for

meaning, rhythm

and grace

Visual emphasis


the mind

and heart


to the words

through what is seen

and what is not

Words are spilled

one life’s blood

hoping a gatherer

happens to pass

this way

The thoughts

are moderately


into a shiny object

to attract


–Robyn Elaine Serven

–May 29, 2008

Please join us on the inside to celebrate, venerate, regenerate and/or motivate our muses.

Yes, that is again new art.  The words actually appeared in a couple of comments last month.  It could be considered part two of what was published yesterday.

Hint about the art.  One of my secret desires is to do art for science fiction.

Art moment?

Was Stonehenge a family mausoleum?

Animal news:

Rhinoceroses like privacy.

I continue to work on a difficult piece, which should appear later this evening…or afternoon, if you live further west.

◊  ◊  ◊

I hope you have something you would like us to see, hear, or read.  You’ll find an appreciative audience, although the responses may appear slowly.  The sun is rising across the land.

Good morning.  And be excellent to one another.


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  1. todays art. i don’t know what. but it has some quality. i like bended lines. and the colors.

    good morning!  

    • RiaD on May 30, 2008 at 14:35

    we are getting the u-haul today & of course the weather says rain for the next 4-5 days 🙁

    i’m finishing packing…. so much will be left here until our girl moves out(from the farm) later this summer…it makes me sad to leave so many my things but there is no room to bring them 🙁

    i will be glad to head home…i love our grandson to pieces & its been nice visiting but the air is so heavy here i can’t hardly breathe….i must stay inside in the a/c

    & i miss my puppies horribly, am fairly lost without them

    how do furred ones worm their way so far into ones heart?

    so, hot & muggy here, hi of 84 & expecting rain

    • RiaD on May 30, 2008 at 14:39

    it seems we all have alot of crow in us….attracted to those shiny sparkley bits, turning away from the mundane

    its a damn shame really

    there is much to be said for plain & unadorned

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