Taking a Short Sabbatical

Halfway through this.


And reading between the lines explains why Pelosi didn’t impeach.

New insight into this summer’s bombing raids on Iran.

The Satanic brilliance of the newest business buzzword and green initiative PR promotional campaign Sustainability

Plus another short camping trip this weekend.  I must fully digest this book.

I must consult with my fellow hatters and alert the others.  Arguments, interpretations, formums and discussions can and must be done.

I am going to have read it, then go back with highlighter and take copious notes.  It is after all a glimpse into the mindset equivalent to the movie American Psycho doesn’t come everyday.


Inadvertently my ass!

China, a “global player”




Or something far more sinister.


And something to ponder at the pump.


In these, the last of times not much else can be done.

Enjoy yourself and do it with the ones you love.


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    • RiaD on May 7, 2008 at 2:26 am

    & tell me all about your book (& the camping trip~ is your grandson going?)

  1. and sustainability is a great word and idea.

    we don’t have to let them own it, corrupt it, or kill it.

    like they perverted this idea… de_mock_racy.

    no. don’t let them kill ideas.

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