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Fly me to the moons!

If you have 18 minutes, check out this video link below (sorry, no permalink).  It is Carolyn Porco, lead scientist on the Cassini Saturn mission, talking about one of the greatest human achievements in exploration that has barely raised eyebrows in our terminally dull population.  She is the awesome, and she knows how to talk about science to stupid people like me. 

Who Killed the Kennedys

I was eleven in ’63…when they killed John Kennedy. That was the end of my innocence, and the end of America’s too. 

I shouted out,
“Who killed the Kennedys?”
When after all
It was you and me

Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil

Weekend News Digest

The Weekend News Digest is an Open Thread

From Yahoo News Top Stories

1 Pakistani police detain 500 activists
By MATTHEW PENNINGTON, Associated Press Writer
12 minutes ago

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Police rounded up hundreds of opposition leaders and rights activists Sunday after Pakistan’s military ruler suspended the constitution, ousted the top judge and deployed troops to fight what he called rising Islamic extremism.

Increasingly concerned by the unfolding crisis, the Bush administration said Sunday that American aid to Pakistan would be reviewed. The U.S. has provided about $11 billion to Pakistan since 2001, when Pakistan’s president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, allied with the United States after the Sept. 11 attacks.

“Some of the aid that goes to Pakistan is directly related to the counterterrorism mission,” Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told reporters traveling with her. “We just have to review the situation. But I would be very surprised if anyone wants the president to set aside or ignore” the responsibility to national security that can come through such cooperation, she said.

The Striking Resemblance of Iraqi’s and Mexicans to Human Beings

I have been surfing the net as it were recently and I started googling images. After awhile I started to notice the striking resemblance that Iraqi’s and even Mexicans have to human beings.

Pony Party: Sunday music retrospective

The Turtles

Happy Together

Admit One – NaNoWriMo Novel – part II

I deleted the draft due to the inability to preserve publishing rights, and I thnk those of you who have critiqued and commented.

Admit One – NaNoWriMo Novel Excerpt Part One

There doesn’t seem to be any way to reserve full rights here, so I’ve pulled the drafts, but left your comments.  Thanks to those who read, critiqued and commented.

War Love and Metaphysics

Why not try some metaphysics?

Moving in sine waves, life constantly fluctuating.  Cyclical societal history, personal history.  Love, happiness, fear, hope.  Up and down.  Constantly. 

All one vibration, sort of true, quaintly speaking.

If you observe it you ruin it.

Google.  Everybody on the internet uses it.  True data, unimpeded by anything, available to the public.  I’m very torn about my thoughts on Google.  Since the first day I used it, I’ve loved it. 
It does have a pseudo monopoly.  But only because they’re good at what they do. 
All that data mining though.
But all that knowledge….

A Quick Refresher Course


Democracy: Lincoln, Bush, and Musharraf Style

Back in 2004, Thomas J. DiLorenzo wrote a piece titled “Bush’s Lincolnian Assault on Civil Liberties (Or, Al Gore is Right!)” Here is some background information:

Under Abraham Lincoln, Habeas corpus was unilaterally (and illegally) suspended … and the military, with the help of a secret police bureaucracy operated by William Seward, imprisoned tens of thousands of Northern political opponents. They were thrown into gulags such as Fort Lafayette in New York harbor where they were never charged, had no idea how long they would be held, and their families often had no idea of their whereabouts. (See James Randall, Constitutional Problems Under Lincoln; and Dean Sprague, Freedom Under Lincoln). The Virginia patriot George Washington would have undoubtedly drawn his sword and fought another revolution over such an outrage.

Blog Voices This Week 11/4/07

When I first found blogs in 2003, they were a place I felt at home and not so alone as our country beat the war drums and went on to “re-elect” (??) this criminal administration. I needed a sense of community to shore up my sanity and found it in some of the larger Democratic and progressive blogs.

Then came flame wars and I found myself detached from any particular community. But I still felt like there was something here in this land of blogtopia that I wasn’t ready to give up. So I started to venture out to some of the smaller blogs – especially those written by people who looked and lived differently from me – and found a whole new world. I sometimes feel like the globe is at my fingertips and all I have to do is sit on my couch with this screen in front of me to explore it all. That works for me – given that I’ve always leaned more towards the couch-potato kind of challenge.

So in this weekly series I’m planning to do, I’ll take you along with me and try to just scatch the surface of the wealth of information, experience, and beauty that is the blogosphere.

Sleepy Sunday Mornin’ Scribblings–NaNoWriMo

Sunday Morning…

I’m still trying to wake up. And I have a large cup of coffee sitting next to me.

Did I mention that the coffee cup is large? It’s big. And filled to the top with the brown stuff that should help me wake up.

Though as I’ve been thinking about the dream that woke me up…

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