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What’s for Dinner? v7.06 The Cheesecake

As many of you know, last Tuesday was The Girl’s (henceforth referred to as The Woman) 20th birthday.  We had originally planned to bake a cheesecake together Sunday past, but she had a better idea.  She asked me very sweetly, “Do you know what would make this cake really special for me?  If you cooked it by yourself since it is my birthday cake”.  Of course I agreed!

I got all kinds of suggestions from the community here Saturday before last, and I appreciate all of them.  I finally took the basic recipe from the Kraft site and modified it, and the result was wonderful!

I shall give you the recipe first, then a photographic gallery with my comments about how to do this.  It is not hard to make a cheesecake that does not dry out or get weepy, but it is easy to mess one up irretrievably!  You should read the entire piece before trying the recipe.

Sleepy Sunday Mornin’ Scribblings–NaNoWriMo

Sunday Morning…

I’m still trying to wake up. And I have a large cup of coffee sitting next to me.

Did I mention that the coffee cup is large? It’s big. And filled to the top with the brown stuff that should help me wake up.

Though as I’ve been thinking about the dream that woke me up…

NaNoWriMo: Saturday Chores Edition

Eleanor Roosevelt once said

“The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams.”

It’s been a busy day around here at Castle Kredwyn.

Writing has been happening…cleaning and grocery store trips have also been in the works. Course I also shot a cranky email off to Senators Feinstein and Schumer for their wrongheaded decisions.

But now…I’m hungry. And since my characters have hied themselves off to the Green Man Pub for some grub, I thought that food would be a good idea.

Writers cannot work on empty stomachs…