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The liberals’ lament: What’s wrong with Obama?

Original article, by Patrick Martin, via World Socialist Web Site:

The first week of March has seen a number of commentaries in the American media, mainly from liberal pundits, worrying over the declining public standing of President Obama and the growing signs of disarray in the Democratic Party.

Two million Greek workers strike against austerity measures

Original article via World Socialist Web Site:

Some two million Greek workers participated in a general strike on Wednesday. The mass one-day action was called in response to austerity measures being imposed by the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) government of Prime Minister George Papandreou.

Emergency Conference on the Social Crisis & War

Original article via World Socialist Web Site:

The World Socialist Web Site, Socialist Equality Party and International Students for Social Equality are holding an emergency national conference on the social crisis and war, to be held April 17-18 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We urge all of our readers and supporters to register and make plans to attend today.

Total refinery workers go on indefinite strike in France

Original article, by Kumaran Ira, via World Socialist Web Site:

Since February 17, workers at Total’s six oil refineries in France have gone on an indefinite nationwide strike to support their colleagues at Flanders refinery, near Dunkirk in northern France. The site faces permanent closure, threatening some 800 jobs. The strike may cause fuel shortages in France in coming days, as crude-processing operations shut down.

Greece: Strikes continue as EU demands more severe austerity measures

Original article, by Julie Hyland, via World Socialist Web Site:

A series of strikes are underway in Greece in advance of a planned general strike involving both the public and private sectors on February 24.

Beginning on Tuesday, workers in the finance ministry and customs officials began several days of strike action in protest against the social democratic PASOK government’s imposition of austerity measures.

“Bipartisan” campaign targets US working class

Original article, by Patrick Martin and subtitled Behind Obama’s overtures to Republican right, via World Socialist Web Site:

The Obama administration is announcing Thursday a new initiative for joint action by the Democratic Party and the Republican Party against American working people, when the leaders of a new bipartisan commission to slash the federal deficit are introduced at the White House.

Obama affirms right-wing, pro-business policies in interview

Original article, by Joe Kishore, via World Socialist Web Site:

In an interview published in the latest edition of Bloomberg BusinessWeek, US president Barack Obama defended the right-wing credentials of his administration, insisting that everything he has done and intends to do is in the interests of corporations.

Honduras: The making of a death squad “democracy”

Original article, by Bill Van Auken, via World Socialist Web Site:

With the restoration of diplomatic relations and the resumption of aid and credits from the world’s major governments and financial institutions, Honduras is being welcomed back into the fold of “democratic” nations, even as the organizers of last year’s coup remain at their posts and death squad murders continue.

US Supreme Court abolishes restrictions on big business political spending

Original article, by Tom Carter, via World Socialist Web Site:

In a profoundly anti-democratic decision with far-reaching implications, the US Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a law limiting the ability of corporations to spend money in support of political campaigns.

Liberalism and Wall Street

Original article, by Barry Grey, via World Socialist Web Site:

In an op-ed piece published January 10 entitled “The Other Plot to Wreck America,” New York Times columnist Frank Rich denounces the criminal actions of Wall Street executives and the official cover-up of their operations. He correctly asserts that the havoc created by the bankers poses a threat to the American people “on a more devastating scale than any Al Qaeda attack.”

Pay at top Wall Street firms estimated at $145 billion in 2009

Original article, by Andre Damon and subtitled As JP Morgan reports record compensation, via World Socialist Web Site:

The Wall Street Journal published an estimate Thursday that total pay at the largest Wall Street firms reached $145 billion last year. The Journal’s figure, based on preliminary figures, is more than any other year in history.

Iceland’s president vetoes IceSave law

Original article, by Jordan Shilton, via World Socialist Web Site:

Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, Iceland’s president, announced Tuesday that he would not sign into law the Icesave bill, which stipulates terms for the repayment of loans to Britain and the Netherlands. Instead, a referendum will be held on the matter, with polls indicating that a substantial majority of Icelanders will reject the latest version of the measure.

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