Greece: Strikes continue as EU demands more severe austerity measures

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Original article, by Julie Hyland, via World Socialist Web Site:

A series of strikes are underway in Greece in advance of a planned general strike involving both the public and private sectors on February 24.

Beginning on Tuesday, workers in the finance ministry and customs officials began several days of strike action in protest against the social democratic PASOK government’s imposition of austerity measures.

The question is not if the Greek people are correct. They are. It’s how long can they stand up against the economic and political forces of the neoliberal consensus? If Greece stands by itself, it will fall (particularly since there’s a neoliberal fifth column called their government to start with). It’s time for workers around the world to stand with their brothers and sisters in Hellas!

Hundreds of finance ministry and customs workers held a protest rally outside the parliament building in Athens on Wednesday, carrying banners reading, “Enough! The Crisis Wasn’t Caused by Civil Servants. The Bill Should Be Paid by the Wealthy.”

This should be happening in every major city in the world right now. The bosses and bankster frauds have crippled the world’s economy. It’s time for the workers to cripple the economic situation of the bosses, bankster frauds and their cronies. This isn’t an issue of left v right, it’s a class issue of the rich against the rest of us.

The strike has affected government operations such as the national statistics office and the market watchdog, the Hellenic Capital Markets Committee, and caused widespread disruptions in trade, impacting both imports and exports. On Thursday, custom workers announced they would extend their action with additional 48-hour rolling strikes that will close customs offices until Wednesday’s general strike.

We’ve seen some strike actions in the UK. The US has been void of any major labor activism on this front. It seems that it is the luck of the Greeks that they once again can spread a shining example for the workers of the world, much as their forefathers have done for the past 3000+ years.

I’ll let you read the rest of the article. Know this: Greece is only the start. The financial crisis has shaken the bosses and bankster frauds to the core. They have to move to protect their privileged positions, and they’re moving with a vengeance. Until we, as workers and possible workers, decide to tell them ‘no more’, they’ll keep on their rampage until it’s too late to change anything.

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  1. Molon labe!

    • banger on February 19, 2010 at 7:06 pm

    for their own sake to bring down the elites. But they should be aimed at the big corporations and governments that do their bidding. This is not really a class issue so much as an oligarchy vs the rest of us. We have to include owners of small and medium size businesses as people who are being screwed over by the banksters and oligarchs.  

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