Two million Greek workers strike against austerity measures

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Original article via World Socialist Web Site:

Some two million Greek workers participated in a general strike on Wednesday. The mass one-day action was called in response to austerity measures being imposed by the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) government of Prime Minister George Papandreou.

Greek workers are to be forced to carry the burden of current economic crisis. Sure, it was the bankster frauds and bosses who brought this upon us worldwide, but you can’t expect the bankster frauds and bosses to pay for their mistakes.

Elected last October on the basis of populist appeals to working class anger over the policies of the previous conservative government, Papandreou quickly bowed to demands from the European Union and the international banks to impose drastic cuts in jobs, wages and social programs in order to stave off a default of government debt by slashing Greece’s soaring budget deficit.

When a government that has run on a populist platform throws away that platform and governs as the government it replaced, it loses any legitimacy it may have had. When it does so within the first half-year of coming to power, it shows it didn’t have any legitimacy to begin with. When the people realize that they have a choice between failure and failure, this leads to social uprising. Greece has been a powder keg waiting to explode due to the actions of the prior conservative government. That the explosion takes place during what is ostensibly a ‘populist’ government should not be a surprise under current circumstances.

The strike reflected widespread popular opposition to the austerity program, which is being roundly criticized by the European Commission and financial interests as insufficiently harsh. The mass action brought the country to a virtual standstill.

I’ll let you read the rest of the article. Needless to say, the Greek people are leading the way in the fight against the neoliberal consensus. Should they remain standing alone, it is likely that they will fail in their battle. However, as the article shows, there is deep discontent amongst the working class throughout much of Europe. Perhaps, as is has been throughout much of our history, Hellas will be that blinding light that leads to a greater good for all. I believe we should stand in solidarity with the good people of Greece and oppose the neoliberal tyranny which is showing it’s ugly teeth around the world as we speak.

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