Obama affirms right-wing, pro-business policies in interview

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Original article, by Joe Kishore, via World Socialist Web Site:

In an interview published in the latest edition of Bloomberg BusinessWeek, US president Barack Obama defended the right-wing credentials of his administration, insisting that everything he has done and intends to do is in the interests of corporations.

No real surprise here, if you’ve been paying any real attention to Obama’s actions. Obama’s part and parcel with the bosses and bankster frauds. He’s a walking disaster for the Democrats (not, mind you, the DLC).

Prior to the publication of the full interview, a passage was released in which Obama declares that he does not “begrudge” the $26 million in bonuses awarded to Wall Street CEOs Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein. The declaration was intended to make clear his loyalty to the financial elite. (See “Obama doesn’t ‘begrudge’ bankers their multi-million-dollar bonuses“)

When you hang out with hogs, you get covered with slop. The slop, in this case, is the financial mess the US and world are in. Don’t expect any real change, Obama doesn’t believe in it. The only way the system will change for the better is for more people like Kucinich and those to the left of him to be elected. It won’t happen with the Democrats right now.

The entire interview (now available here) is along the same lines. Obama stressed his role in bailing out the banks, his regular discussions with CEOs, his plans for corporate tax cuts and cuts in health care.

I’ll let you read the rest of the article. Seething, for a moment, is probably a good reaction. Writing off the current election cycle is probably a good idea, also. While the Teabaggers will be good for Democrats (as they are currently constituted) in the short term, they’re not much more than 23%ers. Reagan is a demigod to them, even if they only pay attention to what his rhetoric was, and not his actions. The sad thing is that the Democrats are still scared of the Glorious Leader, and have their version (Obama) currently in office. I doubt much will change for the Dems even prior to 2012, although I think we the people will be more prepared to listen to the Left by then.

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  1. The spectre that hovers over the US, for the time being, is good ol’ Saint Ronnie.

    Bad for us, good for the bosses.

    • Xanthe on February 15, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    Say what?

    Actually I don’t think the beginning of the interview is all that bad – sounds like a professor giving background.  But most of it is tone deaf – of course, it is to a business magazine.  Query:  Why does he have to give an interview to this magazine now or at all?  Will he also give an interview to Mother Jones or the Nation?  

    I’m tired of him – he doesn’t understand anything but making nice with the upper classes/the mercantile classes – as though we’re living in the 50s.  And yet – he may be with us for even more than one term.  I don’t think we have more time – the back of my legs are getting burned from this slide down to the playground dirt.  And it’s hard scrabble down here.  

    Has anyone ever heard him mention President Roosevelt?  Just curious.    

  2. conservatives and Republicans still have — even the ones who aren’t in office.  

    The myth is that it is possible to do everything or most of everything so that both corporations and everyday people win “win/win”.  There is also an identification between the welfare of Americans and the welfare of (presumably) American corporations — but any corporation, American or not, will do when it comes to that identification.

    Thus a proposal for example to raise corporate taxes will fall on deaf ears for a Republicans/libertarian sort, because they will simply say that the corporations will pass their costs onto the consumer.  Even corporations who cheat on their taxes and send their illegal profits overseas will get this protestation.  

    In the simplest possible terms, the ideology is “What’s good for business is good for America”.

    We know this is not true, that there is a dearth of corporate responsibility in this country that is killing Main Street, but this is what Obama and his administration would protest when faced with the populist outcry that they are favoring business.

  3. On schedule and as foretold by Bilderberg group reporters

    Say what you will about Alex Jones being a tool of the Zionist Illuminati the recent Fall of the Republic and Obama Deception videos make far more logical sense over what the commercial propaganda delivery ministry offers.

    These are concepts only a small fraction of the now astroturfed Tea Bagger movement accept.  The remaining question is how soon will America look like downtown Baghdad.

  4. I doubt much will change for the Dems even prior to 2012, although I think we the people will be more prepared to listen to the Left by then.

    By 2012, corporations will have poured so much money into the “process” that Blue Dogs will look like Bolsheviks to the stupefied voters.  

  5. represent “the reality”. It’s where money gets “turned over” and where “profits” are made. It’s the core of the modern machine. Food, shelter, clothing and health care are simply “parts” of this machine, to be considered no differently than any other commodity.

    Helping people is viewed as a redistribution of wealth, and is an anthema to free enterprise; as free enterprise is now considered freedom itself. There are winners and losers, and so is life.

    Unless we change our values, we will watch the dehumanization of civilization, as “profits” and “freedom” become two sides of the same coin, while the masses become

    mesmerized by propaganda never before imagined in human history.

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