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As media and politicians attack unions… It’s right to strike

Original article: http://socialistworker.org.uk/…

Though this is a British publication, by British socialists who don’t like to play much with the other socialists, I heartily concur with the sentiment of the article.  We know Obama’s signiture piece of legislative action was a sell-out to the health insurance industry.  We know that his bailout of the auto industry was done with the insistance upon dropping the workers’ right to strike action during the next contract and included draconian cuts in pay and compensation.  We know that workers are faring badly under Obama, and probably will continue to do so.

Strikes are the workers’ forge and anvil.  If we are to rebuild our economy, it will be done on the backs of the workers, not the bosses or politicians.  It’s time to, as the old song says, srike while the iron is hot.

The way forward for Ford workers

Original article via World Socialist Web Site:

With votes tallied at factories employing more than a third of Ford’s 41,000 US workers, the concessions contract being pushed by the United Auto Workers appears headed for defeat.

If the deal is defeated, it will be the first time auto workers have turned down a national agreement recommended by the UAW since 1982.

Victory to the postal workers

Original article, by by Jane Loftus, Communications Workers Union president, via Socialist Worker (UK):

The workers for Royal Mail in England are on strike. Good for them, we should support them with our solidarity. Read President Loftus’ article and consider how the situation the CWU workers are facing compares with what’s happening in the States. If you agree that it sounds somewhat similar, it may be time to start considering worker action here in the US.

Solidarity can win – Spread the strikes

Original article, subtitled Lindsey dispute is a fight for us all. Oil bosses sack more than 600 workers for organising action. Thousands walk out of construction sites in support, via Socialist Worker (UK):

Thousands of construction workers have walked out of work and taken illegal unofficial strike action. The wildcat strikes follow the Total oil multinational’s sacking of over 600 workers at the Lindsey refinery site in Lincolnshire.

Gutter press campaign aims to distort union demands

Original article, By Rob Sewell (vice-chair, London Central, National Union of Journalists), via Socialist Appeal (UK):

The present struggle of construction workers in defence of their national agreement on terms and conditions has been deliberately distorted by the British media and press. One not unexpected aspect of the recent wave of wildcat strikes in the construction industry has been the way that the media has reported them.

A power greater than their hoarded gold

Original article, by Adam Turl, via socialistworker.org:

IT ISN’T often that a member of the U.S. Congress acknowledges that the source of wealth in modern society is labor. But there was Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) at a rally outside the Republic Windows & Doors factory in Chicago in December, as workers inside occupied the plant.

Lessons for us to learn from a Trucker’s strike in England!

Original article, Shell tanker drivers’ strike – oil on troubled waters from the column Union Made by Richard Allday via socialistreview.org.uk:

“The Shell drivers have driven a coach and horses through the Brown and Darling pay freeze,” said Tony Woodley, joint general secretary of Unite, after the Shell tanker drivers won a 14 percent pay deal last month.