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Original article, subtitled Lindsey dispute is a fight for us all. Oil bosses sack more than 600 workers for organising action. Thousands walk out of construction sites in support, via Socialist Worker (UK):

Thousands of construction workers have walked out of work and taken illegal unofficial strike action. The wildcat strikes follow the Total oil multinational’s sacking of over 600 workers at the Lindsey refinery site in Lincolnshire.

The strikers are construction workers at the Lindsey refinery site. They chose to strike knowing that the bosses could end up firing them. They continue on strike, and workers around Britain are joining in solidarity.

The solidarity strikes across Britain have terrified the employers who previously tried to present a hard face.

When workers are united, the bosses tremble. It’s a lesson which should be remembered here in the US. Without solidarity, individual sites (even if unionized) can be picked-off one by one by the bosses. When a large part of the industry goes out on industrial action, the bosses find they need to back down.

On Tuesday Total bosses suddenly announced that they were “actively encouraging” talks with the sacked workers – having insisted there could be no talks.

Needless to say….

Workers did not wait for the go-ahead from their union leaders to strike, knowing that the officials would not dare to break the anti-union laws. The workers used pickets, appeals for solidarity and mass meetings to get nationwide walkouts.

When the bureaucracy is too timid to act, ignore them! This is another lesson for workers in the States. Workers who fight for their, and their mates’, jobs know this for a fact!

Tom, from the Fiddlers Ferry power station site in Cheshire, came to Lindsey in solidarity with strikers. He said, “The bosses have had it their own way for too long. The unions need to wake up and start standing up for themselves. Our fight can be the chance for that.”

Sometimes, change comes from below, even if those above don’t want it to. Workers at Lindsey’s construction site have decided to fight for their jobs. Construction workers around the UK have joined in the fight. It’s time US workers decide to do the same.

Now the bosses have escalated – so our side has to escalate further. They want to use the recession to attack workers. Let’s hit the multinationals where it hurts – in their profits.

Every job lost, instead of increasing the bosses profits, should cost the bosses money. It’s that simple. If profits fall because of sackings, be sure that there won’t be any. Workers united can see this happen.

Step up the action across the country:

•Collect money for the strikers and take it to the protests

•Join the pickets – take a delegation from your workplace or college

•Strike to close down construction, power stations and oil refineries

•Push your union leaders to back the strikers

The same can be said for any actions taking place here in the US. Workers fighting to keep their jobs are also fighting to keep our jobs. The sooner we in the States realize this, the sooner real ‘change’ can happen.

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