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As media and politicians attack unions… It’s right to strike

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Though this is a British publication, by British socialists who don’t like to play much with the other socialists, I heartily concur with the sentiment of the article.  We know Obama’s signiture piece of legislative action was a sell-out to the health insurance industry.  We know that his bailout of the auto industry was done with the insistance upon dropping the workers’ right to strike action during the next contract and included draconian cuts in pay and compensation.  We know that workers are faring badly under Obama, and probably will continue to do so.

Strikes are the workers’ forge and anvil.  If we are to rebuild our economy, it will be done on the backs of the workers, not the bosses or politicians.  It’s time to, as the old song says, srike while the iron is hot.

Solidarity can win – Spread the strikes

Original article, subtitled Lindsey dispute is a fight for us all. Oil bosses sack more than 600 workers for organising action. Thousands walk out of construction sites in support, via Socialist Worker (UK):

Thousands of construction workers have walked out of work and taken illegal unofficial strike action. The wildcat strikes follow the Total oil multinational’s sacking of over 600 workers at the Lindsey refinery site in Lincolnshire.

Stop giving our cash to bankers – Sack them!

Original article via Socialist Worker (UK):

Disgraced banker Fred Goodwin is going to keep his £16 million pension, despite some bluster from elements of the Labour government.

Protectionism: can it help us survive?

Original article, by Neil Faulkner, via Socialistworker.org (UK):

The economic crisis that swept the globe in 2008 provoked debate about whether individual states or trade blocs could insulate themselves from the international turmoil through “protectionist” economic measures.

Can socialist planning work?

Original article, subtitled With economic crisis sweeping the globe, many people are asking if there is a better way to organise society. Kate Connelly and Esme Choonara explain how a planned socialist economy might work, via Socialist Worker (UK):

Capitalism is chaotic and extremely destructive. War, hunger and unemployment are all permanent features of the system.

Yeah…what Trotsky wrote!

Original article, titled Slumps and struggle and subheaded The writings of Leon Trotsky shed light on the complicated relationship between booms, slumps and class struggle, writes John Rees, by John Rees via Socialist Worker (UK):

George Bush’s apocalyptic televised address in the US last week will have signalled the seriousness of this economic crisis – even to those not already aware of it.