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American’s Unitary Executive, STILL a 4th Branch of Govt unto himself

Confirmed: Cheney’s Role in Approving Torture

Edward M. Gomez; SFGate, Dec 17 2008

“… Dick Cheney isn’t sorry about any of it.” In his ABC News interview he “betrayed no second thoughts – and certainly no remorse – about the policies pursued by the administration that he both served and, according to some, led.

Cheney’s dark side – and ours

Derrick Z. Jackson, Boston Globe Columnist, Sep 1, 2009

But Cheney’s role is an old, if still developing story. After all, he warned us five days after Sept. 11 that our government would work on the “dark side.” He told the late Tim Russert, “We’ve got to spend time in the shadows in the intelligence world. A lot of what needs to be done here will have to be done quietly, without any discussion, using sources and methods that are available to our intelligence agencies.” …

Adult? Male Palin Supporter

Seems a few taking pics at a Palin rally hit on the same rational of who are these Sarah Palin supporters and the mentality of the group think.

I visited After Downing Street and Dave has a post up there from a curious woman wanting to find out for herself what was attracting people to Palin, certainly isn’t her intelligence, experience nor non-writin rhetoric while at these rallies.

Though apparently those who are flocking to her seem to be on the same intelligence level.

“Who is Sarah Palin?” – The Ed Schultz Show!

Today at  High Noon Eastern Time we can hear from many of the people right in Alaska about Sarah.

As we’ve already found out if anyone really knew much about her, and her so called executive experience, they kept it under wraps, plenty of wraps, and than tried to sneak her by the American People who do the hiring and want the resumes!

My thoughts, with all that’s come to light, they were calling her a rising political star on personality only, as John McCains daughter says, PERIOD!

Palin As CiC of Alaskan Guard – Bush Doctrine

I’ve wondered why some Governors haven’t come out to speak to what their involvement is as to their States National Guard, when there isn’t a Natural Disaster,  the involvement as the Commander in Chief of those Guard Units, as well as the Involvement when the Federal Government steps in and takes Command, sending them into occupations as regular military units, as right out of the gate Mrs Palin claim was to broad experience in Guard affairs.

Well I need ask nor wait any longer.

Palin put her ‘Experience’ as a Commander in Chief to rest last night in the Interview on ABC with Charlie Gibson, in her answer on the ‘Bush Doctrine’, as a Governor with her States National Guard units being called into National Service and Fighting Overseas, She doesn’t know It and apparently never understood what it was nor the implications to her state and her state guards readiness if she had a need to call them into duty.

A heartbeat away

Today we saw who John Airbus McCain picked for as his Vice Presidential candidate.  The selection of Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin effectively negates further discussion about Barack’s so-called lack of experience.  The talking heads are say that at the end of the day it’s who is at the top of the ticket that folks will be voting for.  That is true, but I think that misses something very important.

Remarks of Two OEF and OIF Veterans, DNC 2008, and Success!

In case you missed these powerful words from Two of our Countries Dedicated Veterans of the Current Occupation Theaters.

Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan can be Proud of these two, your brother and sister Veterans, as can the Families of All who are Serving and have Served, for You All are the Only Ones Sacrificing as this Country refuses to understand that Sacrifice!

The ‘Honorable Cause’ is the protection of your brother’s and sister’s as they protect you, in any conflict theater this nation sends those that serve it, wrong or right!

This Country must Now make it Right for All of You, it has Shirked It’s Full Responsibility for far too long, from Korea to the Present Day, that must End!!

TheBlaz for VP

I figure with everyone throwing around their picks for Obama’s currently vacant VP slot, I’d toss my name into the ring as well.

Not for Obama, though.

For McCain.

I believe that I and I alone possess the forbearance, proficiency, poise, and other impressive words to create the winning combination with Mr. McCain.

I’m also attracted to vast amounts of power, and I’m not afraid to use it.

McCain. Vice Presidential thoughts. Would he? Could he? Maybe… Part 2

I have a question for Dharmite’s everywhere.  As we are all well aware, since WE don’t even have the DNA to think like Republicans, we have to seriously think outside the possible VP contender list, because Republicans may not be able to hit a curve ball but they sure have been really good at throwing them.  Democrats aren’t exactly batting 1.000 against that pitch, either.

We can speculate until the cows come home, (as to why the cows ever left home is something I’m still speculating on, too) but how does one think like a Republican?  How to get inside the insipid mind of the Party of Greed?  Who would want to?  I mean, the pure filth that could stick to you and never wash off might send a mere mortal screaming into the abyss…

If you dare, join me below. Even with the thought that there could be much possible damage inflicted upon myself, I feel someone has to try.  

I’m going in…..

Republican VP Contenders – Get to know the Enemy – Part 1

I thought it might be fun and informative to get to know the people behind the names being floated about in the media regarding John McCain’s possible running mates in this year’s Presidential Election.

We know how that guy from Taco Bell became the running mate of George W. Bush.  Old Fourthmeal himself chose himself out of all the Neo-Cons on the planet, and….      

What?  It’s not Fourthmeal?  It’s fourth BRANCH??!? But, I thought it was all those refried beans from Taco Bell that made this administration so full of….What?  OK, OK!

We know how that guy from Halliburton became the running mate of George W. Bush.  Old FourthBRANCH (I hope you’re happy now) himself chose himself out of all the Neo-Cons on the planet, and became the VP from Transylvania.

While I don’t give John McCain high rankings on being the brighest bulb in the string of Christmas Lights, I still don’t think he is dumb enough to ask Vlad Cheney to assist this time.

Therefore, WE will assist Mr. McCain in his quest to find just the perfect combination of “right-wing-crazy” and “young enough to be his grandchild” Candidate for VP!

Come along and give me a hand with this one.

Potential Democratic VP picks.

Assuming Barack Obama actually gets the nomination (we cannot rule out Clinton somehow nabbing it at the brokered convention), I think there are perhaps three politicians who could possibly add to his ticket going into the general election:

John Edwards – His populist talk and devotion to working class issues, combined with his skills as an attorney, make him an ideal vice presidential candidate.  He managed to sell himself as one in 2004, and although he didn’t get enough footing to remain in contention for the nomination this year he still has a base of supporters who could help bridge the divide between Obama’s followers and Clinton’s.  But this is unlikely, because Edwards is an economic populist, and corporate Democrat Obama blew it big time when he tried to finagle an endorsement only to end up angering Donna Edwards by attacking her husband’s health care plan.

Christopher Dodd – Dodd has the stones to go toe to toe with adversaries on the campaign trail, and he has shown leadership in the Senate by shaming Obama and Clinton into voting against one of the appropriations bills for the occupation of Iraq.  I see no reason why he couldn’t make a strong ally on the campaign trail.

Bill Richardson – Although I don’t think he’ll add much to an Obama ticket going into November, his executive experience is desperately needed in the White House.  He could be seen to help the senator make a case that he can bring in people who know the ins and outs of governing (as opposed to legislating).

Assuming Hillary Clinton manages somehow to get the nomination at convention, I see only two potential candidates who could possibly help her win in November:

Ted Strickland – Although he has only been governor of Ohio for roughly a year and a half, he has shown he can get things done.  He has also demonstrated an ability to get the GOP in the Buckeye State’s legislature to play ball on things like the budget.

John Edwards – This is a somewhat unlikely pick considering the former senator from North Carolina is an economic populist and Clinton is an economic conservative whose support of NAFTA is likely to continue should she win the White House.  But the two of them are closer on important issue such as health care than either of them are to Obama, and while Edwards did go after her on the campaign trail he didn’t make it personal like the Illinois senator has.

Regardless of which Prima Donna ultimately gets the Democratic nomination, the only way to add to the ticket is to pick a populist vice presidential candidate, or one with executive experience.