“Who is Sarah Palin?” – The Ed Schultz Show!

Today at  High Noon Eastern Time we can hear from many of the people right in Alaska about Sarah.

As we’ve already found out if anyone really knew much about her, and her so called executive experience, they kept it under wraps, plenty of wraps, and than tried to sneak her by the American People who do the hiring and want the resumes!

My thoughts, with all that’s come to light, they were calling her a rising political star on personality only, as John McCains daughter says, PERIOD!

Seems they do that in most they hire to government positions as well, as we’ve watch the total incompetence these past almost eight years, in the administration, and times before in congressional staffs as well as federal agency staffs.

Will this just be a Town Hall of Alaskans of like minds, can’t say I live in North Carolina and wasn’t there, but from the Video’s that are online now as to the Rally, in front of the Anchorage Library, fitting, many will probably have nice things to say about their Governor, though their probably now thinking twice as to that office, but will be telling us that she isn’t ready to hold the Office of The Vice Presidency.

There may also be some of her supporters in the crowd, everyone was welcomed who could fit into the venue from my understanding.

Here’s abit of what the now famous blog MudFlats posted

It’s still amazing to me how the media have flocked to our fair city.  One visit that I was particularly pleased with was progressive radio talk show icon Ed Schultz, bringing “Team Fargo” to the University of Anchorage for a Town Hall meeting.  Sarah Palin was the topic du jour.  No need to say that was there?  Nobody found us particularly interesting until this whole fiasco came up.  Usually we have to resort to bribing famous people with fishing trips and tales of natural splendour.  And they still don’t come.

The house wasn’t packed, but there was a respectable crowd, and everyone was more than willing to give opinions on the woman who might very well be sitting in the Oval Office some day. I’m sorry.  I know that felt as strange to read as it did to write…but that’s what we’re dealing with.

Bottom Line:  Do Alaskans think she’s prepared?  No.

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Foot Note:

Joe and Jill Biden were in Charlotte last night and spoke around 6:30PM. The local FOX all News station carried the speeches live and also streamed over the net. They didn’t post up the stream link until just as they spoke, but said afterwards that they’d have the video on their site to watch later. It still isn’t up.

All they have there is a very short piece that was their last update a little after 8PM:

Biden stumps for Obama in Charlotte

In it they put this:

“I could walk from here to Greensboro and I wouldn’t find one person who says we’ve made great progress economically unless I ran into John McCain on the road.”

Both of them gave well received crowd pleasing speeches, and Joe touched on a number of Issue’s, actually quite abit.

If they place a URL up for the Video feed I’ll post it, I’ll try and see if I can find another outlet but I doubt it as they were the only ones who carried it live.