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Republicans stymied by own paranoia.

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This is beautiful.

Saw it via Big Orange. Here’s the short and skinny:

TEA PARTY CAUTION! DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING – FROM ANYONE – AT ANY TEA PARTY ANYWHERE IN THE USA — NO EXCEPTIONS!Federally-funded ACORN operators will be at all Tea Parties to get signatures which they will give to Obama stating that the signatures are in support of his policies or to get the names of people who oppose his policies and report dissention.



This is utterly fantastic news for liberals and Democrats, and it’s pure comedy gold for everyone with an iota of common sense.

Geithner’s “power grab.”

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Read about it here.

Here’s the summary:

The crisis surrounding the American International Group was a near-tragedy that underlines the need for broad new government authority to regulate or even take control of financial institutions other than banks, the government’s top fiscal officials told lawmakers on Tuesday.

Geithner claims that if this power existed back in September, current measures such as endless bailouts and seven-figure bonuses for mentally-questionable financial fuck-ups would not have happened.

Did we misplace reality?

We must have, because there’s no other way to explain shit like this.

I think my personal favorite quote that explains the mentality (and I use that word in the loosest and most generous sense possible) of these idiots is this:

They’re the same people who believed that Bill Clinton’s use of the FISA court to obtain warrants to eavesdrop on Americans was a grave threat to liberty, but believed that George Bush’s warrantless eavesdropping on Americans in violation of the law was a profound defense of freedom.

Get that? Read it once again, please.

Announcing the relaunch of Passive Ranting.

Well, “relaunch” isn’t quite accurate as I never really put effort into it.

Let’s go with “re-fling.”

Yeah, that’s better.

Don’t worry, they WILL learn.

And by “they,” I mean the Republicans.

The Republicans who are vowing to oppose the stimulus bill.

The Democrats don’t need to learn to avoid bipartisanship.

The Republicans need to learn how to embrace it, and they should learn that lesson quickly.

Charges of sexism: whence do they come?

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The latest defense of Sarah Palin is that those on the left who are asking questions and criticizing are being sexist. Those charges are coming from a couple of interesting places.

Firstly, Mike “I’m Still Relevant” Huckabee weighs in:

Calling media critiques of Palin “unprecedented” (“they never did this to Chelsea Clinton,” he said), Huckabee predicted that Palin’s victimization would rouse support even from non-Republicans outraged by sexist sentiment.

The relevance of Bristol.

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I’ve got to be with Wolcott on this one, who is apparently standing with Lawrence Auster on this one::

The issue is whether McCain should have chosen as his vice presidential running mate-and thus required the Republican party to approve that choice-a woman who has all these issues going on in her family.

McCain has put the conservative base in a position where it has to bend itself out of shape to maintain its support for the Republican ticket.

Now, I personally am delighted that McCain–maverick that he is–chose a candidate that, within hours of the selection, has exploded into a veritable pile of soap-opera-ish stories and sagas. I like watching the Right scramble about, trying to find new and exciting ways to justify their deeply held beliefs and morals (chuckle) with their unending quest for power.

But some have deemed portions of Palin’s life to be “off limits,” especially in the case of Bristol’s pregnancy.

I have to vaguely disagree.

Floodwalls stuffed with…newspapers?

Please take a break from the psychosis-induced Palin Fever sweeping the blogosphere and take a peek at something that should worry and infuriate you.

St. Bernard Parish (an administrative division involving several counties) lies southeast of New Orleans, a troubling location as far as hurricanes are concerned.

Apparently, a couple of years ago, a St. Bernard Parish resident witnessed a contractor (hired by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) stuffing a floodwall with newspapers.

Yes, newspapers.

OMFG Edwards love child exposed!!11!!!

Irrefutable proof.

No one can deny the truthfulness of these photographs, taken ALL BY MYSELF.

This is a clear indication that Edwards was part of a conspiracy to keep people from knowing about his love child.

You’ve all been waiting patiently, so I’d like to finally, at long last, break the silence and reveal the photograph that CONCLUSIVELY SHOWS that Edwards is a scummy liar baby daddy.

The quality of the photo is not the best, I used black and white film.

Shocking photograph below the fold!

TheBlaz for VP

I figure with everyone throwing around their picks for Obama’s currently vacant VP slot, I’d toss my name into the ring as well.

Not for Obama, though.

For McCain.

I believe that I and I alone possess the forbearance, proficiency, poise, and other impressive words to create the winning combination with Mr. McCain.

I’m also attracted to vast amounts of power, and I’m not afraid to use it.

Klavan, via WaPo: “George W. Bush is like Batman.”

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I swear I’m not making that up, and I urge you to go and see if you don’t believe me:

There seems to me no question that the Batman film “The Dark Knight,” currently breaking every box office record in history, is at some level a paean of praise to the fortitude and moral courage that has been shown by George W. Bush in this time of terror and war.

I cannot tell you how sad this op-ed makes me.

The Media’s Disease

Courtesy of BarbinMD we get a spiffy glimpse into the stupidity of our Traditional Media. Here’s the relevant passed from an LA Times article from this past Sunday:

To determine just how polarized blog readers are, we constructed a measure of political ideology by drawing on blog readers’ attitudes toward stem cell research, abortion, the Iraq war, the minimum wage and capital gains tax cuts. Using this measure, we then arrayed respondents from left to right. Here’s what we found.

Readers of liberal blogs were clustered at the far left, and readers of conservative blogs were bunched at the far right

This is simply another step in the horrifying disease gripping our media and our Ruling Class: Partisanophobia Conservatitis. This scary condition causes presumably intelligent people (emphasis on “presumably”) to become irrationally scared of partisan behavior unless it’s coming from conservatives. This disease is more commonly identified by its slang term, “hypocritical bullshit.”

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