McCain. Vice Presidential thoughts. Would he? Could he? Maybe… Part 2

I have a question for Dharmite’s everywhere.  As we are all well aware, since WE don’t even have the DNA to think like Republicans, we have to seriously think outside the possible VP contender list, because Republicans may not be able to hit a curve ball but they sure have been really good at throwing them.  Democrats aren’t exactly batting 1.000 against that pitch, either.

We can speculate until the cows come home, (as to why the cows ever left home is something I’m still speculating on, too) but how does one think like a Republican?  How to get inside the insipid mind of the Party of Greed?  Who would want to?  I mean, the pure filth that could stick to you and never wash off might send a mere mortal screaming into the abyss…

If you dare, join me below. Even with the thought that there could be much possible damage inflicted upon myself, I feel someone has to try.  

I’m going in…..

We are all aware that the Neo-Con wing of the Far Reich isn’t particularly enamored with John McCain as their presumptive Presidential Candidate in 2008.  Yet, the voters have had their say and it would seem that Senator McCain will go forward and carry the Republican torch for the 2008 election.

This turn of events has left the Republican brain trust trying their damnedest to find a chink in the armor of the Democratic Candidates.  Even Mr. 28 percent, George W. Bush got in on the act this last week in the now well documented and still playing itself out speech before the Israeli Knesset where our not-so-esteemed President tried to call Democratic Candidates terrahrist appeasers.  

Of course, nothing they have thrown up against the wall at this point is sticking, and their usual slash and burn tactics aren’t getting the attention they were hoping for (yes, even the Republicans are the party of hope this election cycle.  They hope they can survive as a party).  In fact, it’s kind of making them look even more stupid and more out of touch with Americans and by extension, the world than usual.

What to do?  I mean, what would a group of Wingnut Welfare financed think tanks, along with Rove and the once named Stupidest-F**king-Man-in-the-Universe, Douglas Feith come up with to offset the fact that their base simply despises their presumptive Presidential Candidate?  

Here is where it all gets mind numbingly crazy.  However, it might just work…

Here is the list of Republican’s that I listed as possible VP running mates in Republican VP Contenders – Get to know the Enemy – Part 1

Condi Rice

Joe Lieberman

Tom Coburn

Sarah Palin

Tim Pawlenty

Kay Bailey Hutchinson

Jim DeMint

Mitt Romney

Rudy Giuliani

Mike Huckabee

Tom Ridge

Charlie Crist

Colin Powell

Mark Sanford  

Duncan Hunter  

Now, that is a list of some seriously ugly critters (in the world of Democrats), however to Republicans, is there anyone there that inspires the Get-Off-My-Ass-And-Vote-for-McCain-in-November kind of rallying point?

I say No.  Not really.  So, what is missing?

A hero.  A true to life (for Republicans, of course) HERO!

Dare I think this?  Will I continue to be sane once I type the following?  Considering I wasn’t that sane to begin with, I’m going for it.

A military man!  One that has proven he will lie like a rug for the Neo-Con cause!  OF COURSE!

General David Petraeus!  

IRAQ Hero!  Stay the course, etc.  Surge.  We are winning.

The Republican bumper sticker boy himself!

It’s all so greasily ugly on the surface that there has to be something to it! The thought is so completely scummy and vapid that it fits the square peg smoothly into the round hole of Republican emotion.

Have I discovered the Rovian plan?  Has the mindset of the Republican Neo-Con horror been cracked by a mere Progressive?

You tell me.  What do you think?

I’ll be back in a bit.  I think I’ll just go blubber and sputter in the corner for a few.   😉


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    • brobin on May 19, 2008 at 5:37 pm

    and Petraeus has proved to us that he is willing to lie to Congress to further his career and help continue to push the Neo-Con War For Profit.  

    Could it be?

  1. ride the coat tails of Iraq???

    wow. chilling. really. goosebumps (not the good kind)

  2. would win over the right wing fundies in my family as the VP candidate…

    Condi (they were itching for a showdown between Condi and Hillary)

    Mitt (he was their guy before Huckabee brought him down)

    It sure wouldn’t help with any “thinking independents,” but one of these two would shore up the wingnut base of the party.

  3. …one thing.  I’ve been hearing on KPFA, several times, that in the 2000 elections, before the Rovebush dirty tricks painted McCain with an illegitimate “black” daughter, that the Neocons actually backed not Bush, but McCain.  McCain was the first choice of the neoc’s, and only signed on to Bush after the swift boating was effective.   Wish I could give more info on this, references, etc, but can’t.  I’ve got to stop multi tasking.  

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