Funkadelic Friday Flashback

In memory of …

Thanks to buhdy for giving me the chance to guest host tonight!  Did you find that blotter yet dude?

First the Flashback

Alan’s Albert’s Psychedelic Breakfast (Pink Floyd)

(Part 2 here)

Break On Through (The Doors)

Are You Experienced? (Hendrix)

White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane)

Now the Funk

Kalifornia (Fatboy Slim)

Get Higher (Black Grape)

Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out (Freak Power)  


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    • Robyn on May 3, 2008 at 03:39

  1. What is/was your favorite music to ‘get high’ on?

    There were some nice tributes in my previous essay: Father of LSD is Dead  Rock on Dr. Hofmann wherever you are!

  2. not me, but I knew people……..

    • Zwoof on May 3, 2008 at 04:10

    in San Fran, I found  a juke box in a diner on Haight Street that had HP Lovecraft’s (the band, not the writer) “White Ship” on it and played in repeatedly until I was asked to leave.

    But the most embarrassing thing I ever did was when I was stationed at Ft. Lewis, WA in ’68.  I bought a CCR LP and went to the post library where they had record players and headphones to listen to it. I was in such an altered state that while I was listening to Suzie Q (the long version), I thought I was singing to myself but apparently I was singing to everyone in the library.

    Again, I was asked to leave. I was too embarrassed to walk through the library while everyone was laughing at me, so I climbed out the window and split.

    Suzie Q (long)

    3rd Stone From the Sun

    Singing Winds , Crying Beasts (Santana)

    Chain of Fools (Herbie Mann from Push Push)

    East West (Paul Butterfield Blues Band)

    After Bathing at Baxter’s (Jefferson Airplane)

    • Edger on May 3, 2008 at 04:23

    Of course!

    • 3card on May 3, 2008 at 04:28

    …someone has to pick them up and run with ’em.

    I left my vinyl collection with my step-brother once back when, and when I picked them up a few weeks later I asked him if he had listened to any of it.  He said; “Are you kidding? Nobody’s got that much acid.”

    BTW  What a great video of ‘Breakfast’.  Bravo OPOL.  I hadn’t listened to ‘Atom Heart Mother’ in a while.

    (And yes it was in the box I left with my brother)

    • Edger on May 3, 2008 at 04:37

    • kj on May 3, 2008 at 04:42

    like in sequence and stuff?  there was music?  really!  😉

  3. Herbs, Incense & Oils (Paul Butterfield)

    Bob Dylan

    Ravi Chankar

    King Crimson

    The Doors (a lot)

    Leonard Cohen

    James Cotton

    Dave Brubeck



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    • RiaD on May 3, 2008 at 05:57

    everthing mentioned…plus

  4. you’d think we’d all be sharing one brain cell…could it be that the risks were/are a little overblown?

    sunshine all over the place, four-way hits in a candy dish…rumor had it that a chem lab at Cornell had been knocked over and a gallon of pure pilfered.

    i was just a punk preppy at the time, but campus was awash. Saturday morning ‘Religion’ class (actually philosophy) had something special about it when you knew that half the class was at the tag end of a trip….Hegel almost made sense, if you could make the sentences quit swimming around.

    but not as much sense as eating popcorn and watching West Side Story with the Dean of the Academy when your brains were hanging out your ears…..

    Crown of Creation

    Cricklewood Green


    Days of Future Past

    Savoy Brown

    Electric Flag

    Electric Ladyland

    Blind Faith

    Wheels of Fire

    Hot Tuna

    oy vey

  5. but I wanted to tell you that I love what you’ve done with the “Series” page OTB, and the cute little flickr insert. And thanks for updating mine, it has gone through a bit of evolution. You’re the best!!!  

  6. Thanks, OTB. This was BIG fun! I’m off to the itunes store to drop.Ponies to all for great pics and memories.


    • Edger on May 3, 2008 at 17:24

    • KrisC on May 4, 2008 at 04:23

    Problem Child…ah yes, related well to it…and it with me.

    As a path to the perception of a deeper, comprehensive reality, in which the experiencing individual is also sheltered, meditation, in its different forms, occupies a prominent place today. The essential difference between meditation and prayer in the usual sense, which is based upon the duality of creatorcreation, is that meditation aspires to the abolishment of the I-you-barrier by a fusing of object and subject, of sender and receiver, of objective reality and self.

    Objective reality, the world view produced by the spirit of scientific inquiry, is the myth of our time. It has replaced the ecclesiastical-Christian and mythical-Apollonian world view.

    But this ever broadening factual knowledge, which constitutes objective reality, need not be a desecration. On the contrary, if it only advances deep enough, it inevitably leads to the inexplicable, primal ground of the universe: the wonder, the mystery of the divine-in the microcosm of the atom, in the macrocosm of the spiral nebula; in the seeds of plants, in the body and soul of people.

    Meditation begins at the limits of objective reality, at the farthest point yet reached by rational knowledge and perception. Meditation thus does not mean rejection of objective reality; on the contrary, it consists of a penetration to deeper dimensions of reality. It is not escape into an imaginary dream world; rather it seeks after the comprehensive truth of objective reality, by simultaneous, stereoscopic contemplation of its surfaces and depths.

    And the vid that reminds me the most of me on ‘stuff’ when I lived in London during the warehouse party era, raunchy as it was….(except for the end really, I was never really into other girls…unless there was ex involved)

    Heh!!! Then there’s John Digweed…Heaven Scent

    You knew I’d show up eventually, maybe just a little late to the party, but hey, it’s Saturday night I’m up all alone, pregnant with baby number three and I just wanted to relive the good ole glory days….thanks OTB, as always you rock!



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