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Funkalicious Friday: Dead Flowers

{Donna Alert!!!}

btw I remember this show! Thus proving Robin Williams partly wrong, more from a great show below…

Funkalicious Leap Day! Why Just Leap?

bound, caper, frisk, hop, rise, skip, spring, surge, upsurge, upswing, vault, pounce, fly!!! It’s Leap Day ….and being a male, I shall not further expound on the traditional activities of the day, so on to the Funkaliciousness…

Starting with – Funkmeister Frank!

Funkalicious Friday: Rock and Fucking Roll!

Funkalicious Friday: The Edge of Moistness

Valentines Day continues here on Docudharma, the most  sultrypolitical blog in the world wide web of Loooooooove, Baby!!

Settle in and enjoy, all you lovers out there….


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