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Tokyo Youth Healthy Development Ordinance Designed With An Eye Toward Political Censorship

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– In any manga, anime, or pictures (most likely including games).

– That feature sexual acts or sexual like acts that would be illegal in real life OR any sexual acts or sexual like acts or implication of a sexual relationship between close relatives OR those who can not marry if they were real AND

– Where the depiction / representation of the relationship is presented in an unjustifiably glorified or overly emphasized manner.

=> Is considered harmful to a minor’s mental health regarding sexuality, and therefore the Tokyo Metropolitan Government shall have the power to unilaterally restrict the material. where the sexual or sexual like act is considered to be excessively disrupting of social order.

That is the criteria for censorship for the scary new Tokyo Youth Healthy Development Ordinance. This is a list of what marriages are currently illegal in Japan today;

1) Marrying to one’s self or anyone of the same sex.

2) Marrying an immediate blood relative. (Children and parent, grandchild and grandmother, etc.)

3) Marriage between a relative by affinity within the third degree. (Siblings, uncle and nephew, etc.)

4) Marriage between two relatives formed by marriage in a parental relationship. (A husband and his wife’s mother or his mother-in-law.) This holds true even after divorce or if the spouse has died.

5) Marriage between an adopted child or adopted child’s spouse with his or her adopting parents, their immediate siblings, their blood relatives, etc. (An adopted son’s divorced wife and the father of one of the adopting parents, etc.) This holds true even after divorce or if the adoption is nullified.

As you can see problems begin to arise quickly. To start with the most glaring problem, the bill gives power to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to censor material that “glorifies” same-sex relationships, this should be an immediate warning bell. The bills stated purpose (“… promoting the healthy development of people under the age of 18 by restricting their access to material that is carefully considered harmful by the Government.) was a warning bell (i.e. terrifying) from the start. The bill slipped in under the radar however do in large part to its author and champion, the Tokyo Metropolitan Governor, an ex-tv personality famous for his snake oil charm, Shintaro Ishihara assured worries with claims he intended to merely go after so-called rorikon (lolicon) and shotacon titles, given that the bill didn’t even aim to censor them entirely per se but merely keep them from minors the bill appeared benign. It wasn’t. The first problems that began to appear were with the claims of “Restriction of Access”, this was a convenient story cooked up by Ishihara’s teem that did a lot to stave off criticism, the idea was that titles “censored” by the government would reappear under an “Adults Only” label, but this was immediately proven to be a sort of impossible catch-22; in the very first batch of manga the government announced it was censoring, Masahiro Itosugi, the mangaka of Aki-Sora (one of the titles being censored), announced the manga was going out of print because it didn’t qualify for the adult label… and it wasn’t allowed to be published without the adult label. Check mate. Furthermore, in Japan, if a manga series is relegated to the adult section, it will destroy the sales. This means publishers will no longer try to confront controversial or hot button issues, because even if they are one of the lucky ones and they aren’t removed from the market entirely they’ll end up deep in the red by being regulated to to the adult section under the absurdly vague parameters of this law.

The End of Brand Loyalty

For all the recent flurry of speculation and analysis regarding the Democratic Party’s shockingly sudden decline in power, one particular metric has never been adequately explored.  Though it is certainly demoralizing that in merely twelve months a feel-good sugar high of optimism has given way to despair, airing our grievances should quickly give way to building strategies for the times going forward.  We have learned quickly that party identification can never be taken for granted and that the American people want results, not gridlock.  2008 was seen by many (and indeed, me, for a time) as a realigning election along the same lines as 1980, but it seems that Obama’s coattails are really only his for the riding and that personal charisma and stirring rhetoric are subordinate to results in the grand scheme of things.    

Obama a Freaking GENIUS-New Study of Lib/Cons Voter’s Genetics

I saw this this morning on CNN and found it very interesting. I have been trying to put my finger on just what it is about Obama that has such broad appeal and why we need to stop telling him how to run his campaign. Follow me below the fold for the study proving Obama is a freaking genius.

Election Toolkit 2008

Upfront: I’m not attached to nor have anything to do with the group below, except as an Old Voting Adult.

Yesterday I received a little booklet in the mail, I’m sure many others have as well. In case you hadn’t I thought I’d pass on who sent it and how you can get one.

Hillary’s Support Is Sliding

from the very beginning Hillary has had the women’s vote and it has been her staunchest supports.  But wait! She seems to be losing that part of the electorate, at least in Pennsylvania. Clinton’s strongest core of support – white women – is beginning to erode in Pennsylvania, the site of the critical April 22 Democratic presidential primary, and a loss here could effectively end her White House run.

A Quinnipiac University survey taken April 3-6 in Pennsylvania found that Clinton’s support fell 6 percentage points in a week among white women. Nationally, a Lifetime Networks poll of women found that 26 percent said they liked Clinton less now than in January, while only 15 percent said they liked her more.

But why would she be losing their support?  It is best summed up by a 50 something voter from Pennsylvania, “I do not like the way Hillary Clinton has run her campaign”.  Thjis has got to be a concern to the campaign.  She entered into Pennsylvania with a 17 pt lead over Obama and now she has only a 6 pt or so lead.

I realize that polls are like anuses (?) everyone has one.  But, IMO, if she does not win big in Pennsylvania, then North Carolina and Indiana become make or break.  I really do not see her making it past those, no matter how much bravado she exhibits.

Should Hillary Bow Out?

It looks like a lot of people are calling for Hillary to quit the race so that the dems can concentrate of beating McCain.  Most of the calls are coming from Obama supporters like Leahy.

I saw NO, but only if the candidates concentrate on the issues and the differences between them and McCain.  But if the candidates are going to continue to focus on the negative, with more attacks and insults, then they both should bow out.  The constant manure slinging is doing little to help the Dems and could very well assist McCain in his campaign.

But it appears that some if not all are running for president, for that reason only, everything else seems to be secondary.  In Obama’s case, this could very well be his only shot at the presidency and sometimes it appears that everything else is secondary.

The issues should be the focus.  The American people need answers to their questions on how to help solve their dilemmas.  Negativity is not help the Dems gain more votes, if anything it could be driving some away and towards that other party.