Should Hillary Bow Out?

It looks like a lot of people are calling for Hillary to quit the race so that the dems can concentrate of beating McCain.  Most of the calls are coming from Obama supporters like Leahy.

I saw NO, but only if the candidates concentrate on the issues and the differences between them and McCain.  But if the candidates are going to continue to focus on the negative, with more attacks and insults, then they both should bow out.  The constant manure slinging is doing little to help the Dems and could very well assist McCain in his campaign.

But it appears that some if not all are running for president, for that reason only, everything else seems to be secondary.  In Obama’s case, this could very well be his only shot at the presidency and sometimes it appears that everything else is secondary.

The issues should be the focus.  The American people need answers to their questions on how to help solve their dilemmas.  Negativity is not help the Dems gain more votes, if anything it could be driving some away and towards that other party.


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  1. I think Sen. Clinton should focus her energies attacking McCain, not Obama and the same goes for Sen. Obama.

    I’d like to see how each of them does against McCain. I’ve already seen enough self-destructive campaigning this cycle.

  2. yet there have been record turnouts. Can the damage be any worse than the full-on Republican bullshit that will be in full swing later on.

    • pico on March 31, 2008 at 10:13 pm

    I don’t think she has much of a shot of winning, but remember how badly people ripped into Kerry for not challenging the Ohio vote in 2004?  As long as she has a shot (even a slim one), she owes it to the supporters who’ve given their time, money, and GOTV energies to her campaign.  It’d be one thing if she were barely pulling in the numbers (à la candidates who’ve already left the race), but she’s got nearly half the vote.  She should stay in.

    That being said, I agree that it’d be better if she’d refocus her guns more squarely on the Republicans.  She has been ripping them, but Clinton saying something about Republicans isn’t nearly as “exciting” as her saying something about Obama, and the media coverage follows.  But some of her criticisms of Obama have been laughable.  She needs a better strategy.

  3. if she stays in till all the primary/caucus voting is over. But at that point, when/if she’s still behind in delegates and votes, I’ll sign on that its time to bow out. If, on the other hand, she takes it to the convention…I have a serious problem with that.  

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