Hillary’s Support Is Sliding

from the very beginning Hillary has had the women’s vote and it has been her staunchest supports.  But wait! She seems to be losing that part of the electorate, at least in Pennsylvania. Clinton’s strongest core of support – white women – is beginning to erode in Pennsylvania, the site of the critical April 22 Democratic presidential primary, and a loss here could effectively end her White House run.

A Quinnipiac University survey taken April 3-6 in Pennsylvania found that Clinton’s support fell 6 percentage points in a week among white women. Nationally, a Lifetime Networks poll of women found that 26 percent said they liked Clinton less now than in January, while only 15 percent said they liked her more.

But why would she be losing their support?  It is best summed up by a 50 something voter from Pennsylvania, “I do not like the way Hillary Clinton has run her campaign”.  Thjis has got to be a concern to the campaign.  She entered into Pennsylvania with a 17 pt lead over Obama and now she has only a 6 pt or so lead.

I realize that polls are like anuses (?) everyone has one.  But, IMO, if she does not win big in Pennsylvania, then North Carolina and Indiana become make or break.  I really do not see her making it past those, no matter how much bravado she exhibits.