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The Mueller Report: TL;DR

As anyone, who has taken an inorganic chemistry or physical chemistry class knows, some of the material is a long, complicated, detailed read and a great sleep inducer. That’s the problem with the 448 page Mueller Report. Even with redactions, for many people, including some of our congressional representatives, it is too long and they …

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Our Sister’s Keeper

Tonight Independent Lens will be presenting Two Spirits, movie about the death of a young Navajo in 2001.  I will be there.  I hope others will also find the time.

I expect this to be an intense experience.

There are some stories which I do not enjoy the privilege to share.  One is the story of the two-spirit people of Native American culture.

This is the true story of a Navajo boy who was also a girl.

On one level I understand that so very well.  But on the other hand, I am not Navajo, so I cannot ever be nadleeh.

Bill Moyers Journal Last Airing

Bill Moyers Journal, aired his last show on April 30th 2010 as he goes into a well deserved retirement after many years of service to his fellow American’s with his outstanding and one of a kind journalism, real journalism, joining the ranks of the few before him and the very few still practicing their craft and profession as professionals!

With this technology and it’s coming advancements everything can be archived and much easier to search out to not only find the past, and it’s lessons, but what really is and not that spoken by some as to what isn’t but quickly grasped by some as their gospel without bothering to join the realities!.

An Earth Day Edition of Two For Tuesday

Hello I started an fun Tuesday Open Thread at firefly-dreaming a few weeks back and I thought you might like to see this one.  Just a small way to honor the people who talked last night on the special edition of American Experience called “Earth Days.”

During the closing credits this song was playing;

And each speaker was shown first in their environment, then again in a box with a brief explanation of what they are doing today.  Talk about “people powered politics.”

Below the fold are some pictures I took of my television last night. It was out of respect.  

Moyers w Angell & Potter on Health Reform

Oh I missed it again last night, but I did catch part of it. Thank goodness it’s all online. The full transcipt is here. And the link to the video is here.


(for Nada Lemming)

MARCIA ANGELL: And what do you think they’re going to do? If you were an insurance company, you would say, “Well, thank you, Santa Claus. I’ve got all of these captive customers. Young ones are healthy. They probably won’t even use the insurance. There’s nothing to stop me from raising my premiums. I have all of these subsidies coming in.” Don’t you think that the prices would go up? I think it would be remarkable if they didn’t.

NASA confirms accelerated Glacial Melting BELOW the Surface.

Most of us know that Most Glaciers ARE Melting. Here are some stats:

A Reply to the Attacks on Climate Change Science

The science is sound and the glaciers are shrinking, says the Union of Concerned Scientists.


A 2005 global survey of 442 glaciers from the World Glacier Monitoring Service found that only 26 were advancing, 18 were stationary, and 398 were retreating. Overall, about 90 percent of the world’s glaciers that scientists have measured are shrinking as the planet warms.


And here’s what a shrinking glacier looks like using time-lapse photography, to speed up the action …


TONIGHT! on PBS: Tibet/Nepal, Lost Cave Temples of the Himalayas

wow this looks good. I don’t “tivo” so Im posting an essay here, maybe that will remind me to watch it! lol

ON TV Lost Cave Temples of the Himalayas and Secrets of Shangri-La premiere Wednesday, November 18, on PBS (check local listings.).

EDIT: whoa, triple header for my area, three in a row! The last is this 30 minute documentary: Mustang – Journey of Transformation.

See more about it here.


May 7, 2007-In the remote highlands of Nepal, a local shepherd has made some unusual “additions” to his flock-an international team of archaeologists.

The sheepherder recently led researchers to an isolated complex of caves containing a massive treasure trove of Buddhist art, including a 55-panel mural of Buddha’s life, one panel of which is seen above.

TeaBags in DC and Afghanistan: McClatchy’s Nancy Youssef

Yesterday, 9.12.09, in Washington, we had this: Tea Party Protesters March on Washington extending their purely political use of the tragedy of 9/11. I’ll guess not one at the podium or with the megaphones, nor any in the crowd, even mentioned this: 5 U.S. troops among 50 killed in Afghan violence Sat Sep 12, nor much was said about all the soldiers who’ve died, or are physically and mentally injured from the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq. I’ll guess also nothing was mentioned about the monetary, in billions and billions, cost of these still operational theaters of occupation!

A friend at facebook also asked the same I’ve {many have} wondered these past eight years:

Insurance Industry Exec admits Michael Moore was RIGHT about Health Care

Former CIGNA Exec Wendell Potter, says Michael Moore was right!


WENDELL POTTER: I thought that he hit the nail on the head with his movie.

But the [Insurance] Industry, from the moment that the Industry learned that Michael Moore was taking on the health care industry, it was really concerned.

BILL MOYERS: What were they afraid of?

WENDELL POTTER: They were afraid that people would believe Michael Moore.

Rage on the Airwaves

Bill Moyers Journal, July 24 2009

BILL MOYERS: There was another voice heard on health care this week — the voice of anti-abortion crusader Randall Terry, the founder of Operation Rescue. At a news conference in Washington, Terry warned that violence could come if, in the end, health care reform includes coverage for abortion services………..Rest of Transcript Here

POV: “The Reckoning.”

Please take a minute to mark your calendar for this coming Tuesday, July 14th, so you can watch PBS’s new documentary on the International Criminal Court, “The Reckoning.” The documentary should air at 10 pm in most areas, but check here to see your local listing.  

Moyers on Gun Violence 6.12.09 and………

BILL MOYERS: Finally, you know by now that in our nation’s capital on Wednesday, an elderly white supremacist and anti-Semite is alleged to have walked into the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum with a rifle and killed a security guard before being brought down himself. 88 years old!

You will know, too, of the recent killing in church of Dr. George Tiller, one of the few doctors in the country still performing late term abortions. It was evidence that violence works. His family has now announced that his Kansas clinic will not be reopened………..Rest Found Here

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