Rage on the Airwaves

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Bill Moyers Journal, July 24 2009

BILL MOYERS: There was another voice heard on health care this week — the voice of anti-abortion crusader Randall Terry, the founder of Operation Rescue. At a news conference in Washington, Terry warned that violence could come if, in the end, health care reform includes coverage for abortion services………..Rest of Transcript Here

July 24, 2009

Last year the JOURNAL traveled to Knoxville, where a shooting at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church had left the pastor asking what role hateful speech from popular right-wing media personalities may have played in the tragedy. “A lot of people are hurling insults from the safety of television studios, the safety of radio studio, the safety of cyberspace,” said Rev. Chris Buice, “So that’s a void in our community – the chance to be in the same room and to have these exchanges and remember the humanity of the person on the other side.”

It’s been a landmark year for the shock jock industry. Rush Limbaugh has been lauded as the “real” leader of the Republican Party. Great Britain banned radio host Michael Savage from entering the country for his “extremist views.” And, the killings of three police officers in Pittsburgh and of Dr. Tiller in Kansas have raised new questions about the role played by virulent speech may have played in their………….Rest Here

We have a growing problem and we’ve been contributing to it’s growth for a long time now. Only a short time ago we lost what once was considered a voice of reason, a calm voice that brought us the news of tragedies and accomplishments over the public airwaves, from it’s inception through it’s growth. Many who spoke after his death talked of his fame as this Nation would follow his reports as well as those who he worked with, giving us the News from all over and trying to explain in short time spans allotted. Whole families would watch, listen and learn. They also spoke how that time is gone and no one will replace that voice in a once respected profession.

That profession, and business, has gone beyond haywire, and has been growing in it’s lack of professionalism and giving people The Real News. We now have our public airwaves, radio and especially television, filled not with news but opinionated yelling matches or just singular personal opinion by so called experts on singular, or multiple, what once was news issues. They yell at each, interrupt one another or if they don’t like what they hear just cut the mikes, this isn’t news and they aren’t experts, they’re instigators of propaganda, propaganda to control the masses, and they still call this debating!

All this time that this has been growing, and we’ve been watching or listening, so have many of our little children, children are impressionable, that’s how they learn, from that and those around them. They are picking up on this way of adults communicating with one another, not learning debate, but learning how to become as impolite, arrogant, boisterous, uncaring and a whole host of negatives that adults now do to each other. So if that’s how adults act it must be right, even voicing points of destruction towards those that don’t believe or think as you do, bringing on Terror towards others, that becomes the norm.

They’re getting mixed messages as parents still try to teach right from wrong, if religious the same goes as they’re supposedly learning the teachings of tolerance and love for one another, but those lessons come in short spurts, the airwave lessons are now taught on a huge number of outlets that are on for hours each day, and this has been going on now for years. And they watch as those they look up to or don’t even know, responsible adults supposedly, not only speak but act out against one another and that same tolerance and love!

How do you control whole societies, countries, this planet, you feed the propaganda over and over and over…………, many adults start grasping it readily, as they don’t want to think for themselves anyway, these are the adults that don’t take their responsibility to heart, too much work on their part.

But if you keep it going for years you start seeing the results as generations of young grow into readily accepting this is how it really is, you change the reality and fog the teachings to be used as you say they should, they then grow into the adults you can readily control to specific area’s or issues you want followed.

We’ve been producing our own destruction, and the destruction of others, for many years now and it’s gotten worse not better. Those young that first started watching and hearing this new form of news are now adults and having those next generations being brought up in a World of new teach and speak.

This is Our Legacy we’re leaving to those behind us!!


  1. when news programs had integrity and the anchors were actual journalists.

    I remember what a pleasure it was to listen to the likes of Donahue, informative and entertaining, and even Dan Rather. Look what they did to them. They had to go, they din’t fit the mold. Bill Moyers had left PBS for awhile, but I’m glad he’s back. Don’t always agree with him, but It’s ok.

    What we have now is a bunch of cookie cutter Barbies and Ken dolls giggling their way through the evening news and voicing their airhead opinions.

    What I don’t remember is when did everything get so nasty?

    24/7 news is pure brainwashing, it doesn’t give listeners time to think for themselves. It switches from entertainment to outrage to ridicule every 5 minutes. To me it’s unbearable when I’m at a friends house and all of her tv’s are on Faux 24 hours a day, she never turns them off.

    We need to invent some rays to interrupt the constant broadcast of stupidity (radio included) or turn off the power all together, just for a week or so. You’ll see people coming out of their drunken stupor.

    I have nothing, really. I feel your pain, though.

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