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Kucinich for President? Ignore the Ugh? You Bet! w/poll

Sure, he’s not popular with our Great Orange Overlod.  Good for Kos.  No, really!  He has set up a ‘progressive’ community, and we have the right to ignore his dissmissive ‘Ughs.’  Why should we ignore those ‘Ughs?’

Rove’s first shot. (Updated w/ Markos 2)

Mark Adams favors us with the first report (that I have seen) on Markos’ antagonist/counterpart, KKKarl Rove.

Rove: Rhymes With Spoofiness by Mark Adams

As Mark points out, KKKarl devotes his first column to Hillary the anti-Christ.

The direct Newsweek link in case you wish to dispense with my and Mark’s editorial, though it might be nice if you slipped him a tip in the jar as you pass through.


Markos’ new piece is up too.

Make the Bush Record the Issue

Absent amnesia-which only happens on soaps-Democrats will be fine.

I owe this tip to SusanG.

As an Admin, she doesn’t need love but it’s always good for your karma to show respect.

Update 2– She points out in the comments of Mark’s diary that this second piece is the one that’s going in the print version, the original was on-line only

The Good Word From the Great Orange Satan

So I read this in Newsweek:

As much as Republicans and the media like to talk about the 60-vote threshold for any anti-war legislation, the fact is that if no legislation gets passed, there’s no money for war. A tough and principled Democratic caucus could force compromise on this legislation and, if none were forthcoming from the GOP, then see the war defunded by default. Either way, the public would cheer.

Looking for a angle to hate on the Great Orange Satan, I have come up with . . . plagiarism.

Rove vs. kos

arubyan brings us the scoop that Markos’ “mind blowing” opponent will be KKKarl Rove himself.

I actually think this is good news, because it gives huge credibility to Markos that ‘Bush’s Brain’ himself is required to counterbalance him.

KKKarl is slick, I hope Markos has the chops for it.

Rove vs. Kos at Newsweek by arubyan

Update: kos’ Front Page piece

On Cults of Personality

Kos writes a timely piece on cults of personality:

when your hero turns out to be not so perfect after all, clinging to that fiction can’t possibly reflect well on you. Understand that these candidates are all human, thus imperfect. Understand that they have free will, thus will do things you will disagree with. And that’s okay. Politics is about weighing the good and the bad and going with the best we have. There is no such thing as “perfect” in this biz.

Feel free to rationalize every stupid thing your candidate does, but don’t expect the rest of us to go along with it. All of the Democrats have done stupid things and smart things. I mean, Chris Dodd announced his candidacy on Don Imus, for chrissakes. And yes, when they do those stupid things, some of us will be right there talking about how stupid those things are.

We’re not Republicans, “carrying water” for their leaders and keeping their mouths shut as they drag the nation into the gutter. And we certainly shouldn’t be like the 24% dead-enders, who still cling to Bush despite all evidence of him being the worst president in our nation’s history.

Hear! Hear!

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