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Mitt And His Fellow Vulture Capitalists See Venezuela As a Threat: It Is. by Justina

The likely Republican presidential candidate and quintessential vulture capitalist, Mitt Romney, chided President Obama for not being sufficiently fearful of Venezuela’s socialist president, Hugo Chávez Friás last week.  In the conservative Daily Telegraph Mitt is quoted as saying:

“The idea that this nation, this president, doesn’t pose a national security threat is simply naive and an extraordinary admission on the part of this president to be completely out of touch with what is happening in Latin America,” Romney said of Chavez in an  interview Wednesday with Fox News.


Yes, socialist Venezuela, the country which was recently ranked the 5th happiest in the world, following four social democratic countries, presents a threat to Mitt’s vulture business model and his support base, who largely come from the 92,000 wealthy individuals who sequester their wealth in “tax havens” such as Switzerland the Cayman Islands. (See rt. com  for its report on “The Price of Off Shore Revisited”.

After President Chavez was elected to office in 1998, Venezuela has had currency controls in place to prevent its national wealth from being looted and sent to extra-territorial banks, a model which defeats the efforts of would-be off shore tax evaders in Venezuela.  Other countries have allowed themselves to be systematically raped of their needed tax revenues.

Venezuela also jailed its criminal banksters for speculating with their depositors money.  Here, Mitt, you would likely be in jail for creating tax-evading investment vehicles in the Cayman Islands.  No, socialist Venezuela, under President Chavez, is definitely not a vulture-capitalist friendly country.  That is why it is now thriving.

Dystopia 14: Body of Evidence

However muted its present appearance may be, sexual dominion remains nevertheless as perhaps the most pervasive ideology of our culture and provides its most fundamental concept of power.


Close Down the School of The Americas Mr President

Our very own, embedded within, Terrorist Training Camp, with known graduates who went on to exactly that, Criminal Terrorism, within their own countries against their own fellow citizens!

Vera Leone: “They may have changed the school’s name, but we are still seeing the same violent results”

Pablo Ruiz: “US tax dollars are used to train Latin American soldiers how to oppress their own people”

Demonstration against School of the Americas, Sat. 22 Nov

Demonstration Against the School of Americas (recently renamed Western Hemisphere Institute For Security Cooperation).

Also known as “School of Assassins” its graduates have been involved in many human rights abuses of Latin American civilians up to the killing of people.  This institution is run by the U.S. Army and teaches Latin American soldiers who have been involved in human rights violations against the people of their own countries.  Some of the people who have become victims of graduates of the SOA are human rights workers, labor organizers, religious people and even children.

The South Country Peace Group and the St. Joseph The Worker Pax Christi Group have organized a local demonstration to Long Island to show solidarity with demonstrators at Fort Benning and elsewhere around the country.

Saturday, November 22 1:00-2:30 PM.

In front of the office of Rep. King – 1003 Park Blvd, Massapequa Park

(turn north onto Park Blvd from Sunrise H.  There is an IHOP on south side of Sunrise at that corner, Peter King’s office is next to the Post Office)

It is also possible to walk to the office from the local LIRR station.

Organized by the South Country Peace Group & the St Joseph the Worker Pax Christi Group.

For more information please contact Dennis at [email protected]


Obama Waffles on School of the Americas

By Nikolas Kozlff via Counterpunch.com: http://counterpunch.com/kozlof…

Kucinich for President? Ignore the Ugh? You Bet! w/poll

Sure, he’s not popular with our Great Orange Overlod.  Good for Kos.  No, really!  He has set up a ‘progressive’ community, and we have the right to ignore his dissmissive ‘Ughs.’  Why should we ignore those ‘Ughs?’