The Good Word From the Great Orange Satan

So I read this in Newsweek:

As much as Republicans and the media like to talk about the 60-vote threshold for any anti-war legislation, the fact is that if no legislation gets passed, there’s no money for war. A tough and principled Democratic caucus could force compromise on this legislation and, if none were forthcoming from the GOP, then see the war defunded by default. Either way, the public would cheer.

Looking for a angle to hate on the Great Orange Satan, I have come up with . . . plagiarism.

I’m kidding. Good to see Newsweek has gotten the message.


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  1. You should feel rightfully vindicated.  Markos, along with many others (not me, I didn’t visit Talk Left and didn’t get the Armando message till you came here) have been reading you for a long time — you absolutely do get a big share of credit for this.

    And I agree.  It’s good to see Newsweek has gotten the message.

  2. On the one hand we have kos the aspirational Villager and on the other kos the echo chamber of the Right.

    How dare you blame Democrats?  vs. Democrats are Republicans light!

    Yawn.  Same old same old and from the usual suspects.

    • nocatz on November 17, 2007 at 05:08

    I was ready to log off and get the fire extinguisher.

    • Turkana on November 17, 2007 at 05:51

    you and the satan himself are actually friends, right? there is a certain tongueness in cheekness- not towards the community, but towards the big orange target?

  3. …things about wwwLand. There have been a few of us blithering idiots still at Daily Kos, however, who have argued for defunding ever since before it was even an option, that is, before the Democrats had a majority.  

  4. correct answer get my own special pumkin PIE:

    how long is it going to be until Docudharma does not have to relive the days of KOS? For many of us – they are over and I mean over

    For newer people that will be coming in I find it strange to be constantly talking about a club that never belonged to – and potentially off putting.

    My recommendation – indulge away until the end of the year and let it live where it belongs – not here

  5. You’ve finally made Newsweek and it’s about damned time 😉  There is no military solution for Iraq and you’ve been the only political solution to Iraq for far too long my friend 😉  They’ve misspelled your name though.

    • oculus on November 17, 2007 at 20:03

    been trying to predict how you would approach Kos’s first column, of if (highly unlikely) you would just ignore it.  This is perfect!

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