Kucinich for President? Ignore the Ugh? You Bet! w/poll

Sure, he’s not popular with our Great Orange Overlod.  Good for Kos.  No, really!  He has set up a ‘progressive’ community, and we have the right to ignore his dissmissive ‘Ughs.’  Why should we ignore those ‘Ughs?’

Let’s think about the protest at the School of the Americas:

This deserves and ‘Ugh?’  Of course not!  What does deserve an ‘Ugh’ is that only one candidate showed up.  What deserves an ‘Ugh’ is the fact that the School of the Americas is still open.  What deserves and ‘Ugh’ is that only one candidate seems interested in seeing it closed!

Let’s think about global warming:

Three candidates found it important enough of an issue to show up for the Grist Presidential Forum on Global Warming.  ‘Ugh.’  This is one of the great issues facing the world, not just the US.  You would think that, since all of both parties’ candidates were invited that at least the other Dems would show up.

Let’s think about impeachment:

What deserves an ‘Ugh’ is this:

We know who the leader on impeachment is!  We also know where the other candidates stand, although Joe Biden has tentativly stuck his toe in the impeachment waters.  Who’ll stand up for the Constitution when doing so gets an ‘Ugh’ from one of the blog aristocracy?

Let’s think about the abomination known as the Patriot Act:

What deserves an ‘Ugh’ is that only one candidate on that stage voted against the Patriot Act.  Does being right the first time deserve and ‘Ugh?’

Let’s think about the occupation of Iraq:

‘Ugh!’  Voting against the war and occupation from the beginning and never voting for funding the war and occupation deserves and ‘Ugh?’  Really?

Let’s think about Universal Health Care:

Fighting the insurance companies deserves an ‘Ugh?’  A Universal Single Payer Not for Profit Health Care system deserves and ‘Ugh?’  Really?

You get the idea, if you want to.  Dismissive ‘Ughs’ do nothing to advance getting things right.  Defending the staus quo does nothing to advance getting things right.  Groveling before the Leadership of the party doesn’t do anything to advance getting things right.

It’s time to ignore the ‘Ughs,’ and, perhaps, those who utter them!

As always, now more than ever,

Go Dennis!


Choose Peace!

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  1. Ignore the ‘Ugh!’

    Go Dennis!


    Choose Peace!

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