The Georgia Guide Stones: A Future Lament


The Georgia Guidestones, a huge granite monument to the future, was built 30 years ago next year. Who built the monument is a mystery, though there is speculation it is NWO, Illuminati, Freemason, Rosicrucian Scientologists, but the reason it was built could not be clearer – to guide surviving humans from a collapsed previous civilization in the reconstruction of a new, successful society.


The Guidestones consist of huge slabs of quarried stone, sandblasted, like Moses’ Commandments, with rules/laws to follow for the rebuilding of the next civilization. And we should clear this up now, because some conspiracy theorists believe this monument is proclaiming the current plan of the NWO Illuminati – and because the first Guidestone rule for the new global future is: Maintain Humanity under 500,000,000 – some say it’s an announcement of an impending cull of the herd by about six billion souls. Yikes, well, yes that is diabolically and downright bad.

But this is a misinterpretation of the message contained on the stones. We will go through the words as rendered in English – the Guidestones contain the ‘commandments’ in several languages – but it’s clear the audience intended for this massive monument which sits in the middle of nowhere in the rural Georgian countryside, un-kept and abandoned, is not meant as a New-Age tourist attraction for today, but a sacred gathering place in some future time after the fall of the current human Empire .

The message engraved in the Stones is not a warning but a lament. A check-list of everything which went wrong in our own time is passed down as instructions for the next go-around in the Human experiment to forge harmony from discord. The words the Authors use are vague, but their judgment is made crystal clear. How to implement the Guidestone policies are left to the survivors to sort out on their own, if they can. The advice is meant to guide, not to dictate.

First, before we get to the guidelines themselves, the Authors left a stone plague to explain the purpose of the monument. “Let these be Guidestones to an Age of Reason.”

We assume the Authors intend to convey we are not in an Age of Reason now, though it can be argued we’ve been in the Age of Reason since Descartes reasoned his existence. So this explanation for the Stones is an editorial foreshadowing of what is contained therein. The message is meant to be read, understood and implemented, as you will see, by a future collection of humans, struggling to survive and rebuild, and guides humans away from certain policies and practices of the current ‘age’ which the Authors believe led to a failed society. The Monument itself is an acknowledgment, acceptance and lament of human failure.

The first Guideline is Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

Over population is the first concern of the Authors. They believe over-population has upturned the natural balance between Earth and Humanity. They believe in the management of human reproduction, as you will see. They are Eugenicists. This idea has given rise to bad vibes, a la Nazism etc. and indeed, Eugenics used in the later stages of human development, as an afterthought, is cruel and unusual. But how about at the beginning while in the planning stages? Will we be bound again by a Culture of Life founded upon a fear of death or can we grow our population purposefully in relationship to our understanding of ourselves and our situation?  

The second Guideline says, Guide reproduction wisely improving fitness and diversity.

Doesn’t sound so bad in theory. The words are good and soothing. On the other hand, what goes unspoken? What goes unspoken is billions of useless eaters. The Authors are clearly pissed off humanity let humanity get away from itself. If humanity is so clever how come it can’t accommodate itself? Why must billions of human beings exist to suffer the degradation of poverty, disease and war? Perhaps the Authors believe the only way to peace is to have vast expanses of land between peoples because peoples of different language and culture are simply confounded with each other.

The Authors clearly have a human ideal in mind to strive toward. Whether the Authors are partial to blue-eyed Aryans or ancient Greek heroes, Platonic archetypes, or some new Superman with shiny-happy disease resistant DNA, can’t be stated for certain. But the inference is humanity’s current policy of unbridled growth of the great unwashed is not good.

The third Guidestone commandment is: Unite humanity with a living new language.

The last time, mythologically, this happened, was the Tower of Babel era. All of humanity was united with a single purpose under a single human language. And the Gods didn’t like it one bit. They tore down the tower and they scattered humanity around the globe and confounded our ability to understand each other – and forced a multitude of languages upon us so we could never become united again. And all evidence suggests it’s worked pretty well for thousands of years. The Authors want to reverse the wisdom of ‘the gods’. They want to unite humanity. And they believe a common language, ergo a common understanding, is the way to achieve that. Sounds perfectly reasonable and not ominous in the least, Esperanto notwithstanding. A living new language. This doesn’t sound like something done overnight, but over centuries. The long view. Will humans ever rise again to the point where we are feared by the gods? Let’s hope so.

The fourth guiding principle to future survival is: Rule passion, faith, tradition, and all things with tempered reason.

Well, as soon as all those folks are Raptured, we can get down to business. Another way to look at this guideline is to say cold-hearted logic and reason must be tempered with compassion and understanding of the human animal. While passions may hinder the trains running on time, inhumane technocratic bureaucracy does not serve human needs and we may not solve the riddle of the chicken or the egg, but humans came before bureaucracy and human systems are meant to serve humans, not the other way around. If we can come to understand we each carry our own truth and stop trying to convince each other there is one truth we all must share, the closer we get to understanding the universe.

The fifth rule is: Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

Okay. No brainer. But it suggests the Authors see global injustice, wars of aggression and conquests of other peoples’ resources as problematic. Fair laws and just courts require prudent politicians and virtuous judges; something we find so little of in our little empire on the prairie.  

Six: Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

The idea here is it is up to the people in any given country to determine for themselves, with no outside interference, the form of government they desire. No more wars of liberation. Only revolution. This also means no oppressed people can hope for help from the outside. A people must unite itself against tyranny. No rogue nations in the future. All must comply with International Law. No exceptions. There can’t be exceptionalism in an Age of Reason.

The seventh commandment is: Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

The eighth is:Balance personal rights with social duties.  

It’s downright Jeffersonian. Official Authority should be as low profile as possible and bureaucracy to be avoided at all costs. Plus, a citizen is not a couch potato who votes but a contractual player on a team called Society. Your right to live dangerously is tempered by society’s right not to be endangered by you. Your right to contrarianism is tempered by society’s right to ignore you. And in exchange for your rights to pursue happiness, you may be called for jury duty or as a greeter at a Town Hall meeting or a crossing guard for school-kids once or twice a year.

The Authors continue with their ninth guideline: Prize truth, beauty, love, seeking harmony with the infinite.

Kum-Ba-Yah people, Kum-Ba-Yah! Our New World Oder, Illuminati, Orwellian Overlords have just turned into the Flower Power generation. I see lots of tantric sex in the future.

#10: Be not a cancer on the earth. Leave room for nature. Leave room for nature.

This is just downright creepy. It got very dark and grey all of sudden didn’t it? Kum-Ba-Yah to gothic melodrama in the wink of an orgasm. The Authors clearly state their belief that man grew to become a “cancer” on the Earth. This infers the Earth is a living organism and not a chunk of cosmically lucky space-rock with a molten core and a brew of amino acids. Cancer spreads until it kills the host and the Stones suggest the collapse of the current civilization came about because of human error. We were a problem we couldn’t solve. We ruined our habitation. The Authors believe humanity has crowded out nature. Pushed nature to the side. Didn’t understand nature as our benefactor but something to exploit. The repetition of the last line – leave room for nature – sounds like a death bed warning from Vincent Price. The Authors lament the passing of human civilization with the knowledge she will rise again.

The Georgia Guidestone Monolith is an enigma. Archaic and post-modern. Silly and sublime. The Stones are aligned with traditional celestial happenings to denote the seasons and the passing of the equinoxes. It is a monument meant to last a thousand years and its purpose is to help future generations of humanity build the last human civilization – and it is the last because it will be the first to succeed. At least, this is the dream of the Authors of the Stones. They clearly see what went wrong. A colossal case of human mismanagement and weakness of character. The Stones are a charitable endeavor by a secret organization of hidden power to at once apologize for the current Elite’s failure and to help assure humanity evolves to a place where endless wars and constant strife are replaced with a society which prizes truth, beauty, love, seeking harmony with the infinite.

How do the Authors know the future? What do they know we don’t? Perhaps nothing. Or perhaps many things. Perhaps it’s because human history is filled with tales of great achievement mixed with great pride which produces great falls from greatness. Calamity happens. Maybe we’re due and it has nothing to do with man’s hubris and sin. It’s the spin of a cosmic wheel and sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. But the Authors don’t call upon heavenly retribution for evil or a counter attack by nature, indeed, the Authors suggest humanity has murdered the nature which sustains us. What the Stones say is we, humans, tipped the balance of power in a miraculous landscape of life. Our poor stewardship, or dominion, was a failure. And now there is a reckoning and here are the lessons you should learn from your ancestors.

In many ways, the Guidelines seem like common sense. And we can clearly see how the present era lacks so much common sense. And we can see, after the disillusion of the Last American Hero, we can see how the current trends, unchecked, will lead to catastrophe.

Is it too late? Can we adopt counter-measures, reverse engineer the Guidestones, and reverse our course of doom? Are we headed to dystopia or utopia?

They say those who ignore the past, repeat the past. An endless loop of ignorance.

Is man just another dumb animal?


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