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The Final Frontier

Kansas City Tea Party 2009 Pictures, Images and PhotosThe lunatics are on the grass,

The lunatics are on the grass,

Limbaugh and Beck keep stoking their demented wrath,

Got to keep the loonies on the path.

The lunatics are in the hall,

The lunatics are in the hall,

The Batshit Insane Brigade howls hatred from the floor,

And every day, Hannity sends more.

Rightwing talk radio thugs, RePugs in Washington, and their lunatic base think they’re back on the path to power, but the path they’re taking is a path to nowhere, it’s the path to electoral suicide, it’s the path to political oblivion.  

The raving lunatics who comprise the Repug base are bound and determined to make obnoxious asses of themselves the entire month of August.  

So be it.  

Total Solar Eclipse 2009

The sun is covered by the moon during a total solar eclipse in the Indian city of Varanasi on July 22. (AFP/Pedro Ugarte)

Outside The Wall

So you . . . thought you . . .

Might like to go to the show,

To feel the warm thrill of confusion,

That space cadet glow.

I’ve got some bad news for you, Sunshine,

Change isn’t well, it stayed back at the hotel,

And it sent us along, as a surrogate band,

We’re going to find out where you folks really stand.  

So far, it’s quite clear where ardent admirers of Obama stand . . .  

Barack Obama Pictures, Images and Photos

They stand for ardent admiration of Obama.

Can they support no torture prosecutions?

Can they support no investigations of BushCo’s 8 year crime rampage?

Can they support trillions of dollars for Wall Street criminals?

Can they support indefinite detentions, more government secrecy, and more NSA spying on Americans?  

Yes they can!

Meanwhile, as Obama’s ardent admirers clap louder for superficial change, the hard core RePug base is waiting for a great leader to emerge.  Someone who’ll wave the flag like it’s never been waved before, who’ll carry the cross into that bloody mess of a Holy Land, who’ll smite those heathen Muslims so Jews can live in peace until they die and burn in Hell for eternity, who’ll punish the enemies of Christianism and conservatism, who’ll boldly go where no RePug has ever gone before, even that halfwit wolf-killing governor of Alaska.  

They’re damn well not waiting quietly, they’re celebrating murder while they’re waiting, spewing racism while they’re waiting, inciting hatred while they’re waiting . . .

Waiting to cut out the deadwood.

Waiting to clean up the city.

Waiting to follow the worms.

Waiting to put on a black shirt.

Waiting to weed out the weaklings.

Waiting to smash in their windows

And kick in their doors.

Waiting for another 9/11.  It might not happen for 10 years.  Or it might happen tomorrow.  And then the shit will hit the fan like this country hasn’t seen since the Civil War.  

How to Beat Obama: A ‘Money Plan’ for Hillary

I get emails every day.  Tons of them.  Most are from political organizations, newspapers, blogs, pollsters, and, yes, even from presidential candidates asking me for money.  Well, just as this story was breaking this afternoon, I received this email from Hillary Clinton herself

Dear JekyllnHyde,

We had a huge night last night — we won the biggest states and the most votes, and we are ahead in the overall race for delegates.  But this race is far from over.

We don’t have time to catch our breath — the next races are just three days away, and there are 10 more contests in February alone.

Let’s meet this moment with bold action worthy of those who have put their faith in us. We are setting a big goal for the next three days: raise $3 million to fund our history-making campaign.

Thank you,


Something, though, was missing from her email: it’s a bit vanilla.  And I, like many people, prefer Haagen Daaz’ creme brulee flavor.