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Dennis Kucinich: “There will be more.”

Dennis Kucinich is making my Summer just a little bit more fun.

Today his 35 Articles of Impeachment against President Bush were referred to the House Judiciary Committee, where the conventional wisdom says they will languish without a hearing.

But the Committee’s expected inactivity isn’t stopping Dennis.

Kucinich said that if the Judiciary Committee does not act within 30 days, he intends to introduce another, longer version of the articles of impeachment, with 60 counts instead of 35.

“I am not going to let this go. I am not going to let it go. I’ll just keep coming back and they can pile these things up in committee but I’ll keep coming back,” Kucinich said. “I’ll bring it up again, and there will be more. There will be more.”

Let’s Impeach the President for Lying

And misleading our country into war

Abusing all the power that we gave him

And shipping all our money out the door

Neil Young

On Monday of this week Rep. Dennis Kucinich introduced 35 articles of impeachment.  On Wednesday it finally was acknowledged by CNN.  In fact it was, for a time, the third most popular story right after Incest girl reunited with family and ‘Idol’ runner-up lands record deal.


Video: Wexler Confronts Condi on Iraq War Lies; Calls for Contempt Vote (reprinted w/permission)

The following message is reprinted with permission from Congressman Wexler’s office.

:: ::

Today, in hearings on Capitol Hill, I confronted Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on her role in the lies, exaggerations, and misdirection that led us into the Iraq war.

During my questioning, Secretary Rice falsely stated that she never saw intelligence casting doubt on the Bush Administration claims that Saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction. This unbelievable statement is flatly contradicted by numerous government reports and CIA testimonials.

Sources such as the 2006 Senate Intelligence Report, a January 2004  Carnegie Endowment for International Peace report as well as former CIA agents (including Tyler Drumheller) have disclosed that there was contrary intelligence to the information provided to the Bush Administration in the lead up to the Iraq war.

See this video:

The Unitary Decider and the Enabling Democrats

It comes down to this: the Bush Administration believes it is above the law, and Congressional Democrats concur. There is no other way to explain the unwillingness of the Democrats to force the confrontations that would reassert the primacy of law. The Administration demonstrates, time and again, that as long as it is allowed to get away with anything, it will do whatever it wants. The rule of law and the balance of powers are irrelevant. Obsolete, perhaps. Perhaps quaint. When Nancy Pelosi took impeachment off the table, it signaled to the Administration that it had a green light to function as a monarchy. If it wasn’t going to be held accountable for past crimes, it might as well continue committing them, abusing its power, and overstepping its authority whenever and however it pleased. The Democrats would not force confrontations, because to do so would inevitably lead to questions of consequences. Eliminate the very question of impeachment, and there are no consequences. All is allowed. All is acceptable. All is tacitly permitted.

At his confirmation hearings, Michael Mukasey gave lip service about being an independent Attorney General. Since taking office, he has been nothing but an Administration lackey. Yesterday, he proved it once again. First, Mukasey told Congress that he would not investigate waterboarding, if those who committed it had done so with DOJ approval, and he also explained that he will not investigate warrantless wiretapping, if it was ordered by the president, under DOJ advisement. The rationale, if you can call it that, is made clear in this exchange between Mukasey and Rep. Bill Delahunt, as paraphrased by emptywheel:

Delahunt: You said if an opinion was rendered, that would insulate him from any consequences.

MM: We could not investigate or prosecute somebody for acting in reliance on a justice department opinion.

Delahunt: If that opinion was inaccurate and in fact violated a section of US Criminal Code, that reliance is in effect an immunity from any criminal culpability.

MM: Immunity connoted culpability.

Delahunt: This is brand new legal theory.

MM: Disclosure of waterboarding was part of CIA interrogation and permitted by DOJ opinion, would and should bar investigation of people who relied on that opinion.

Delahunt: Let’s concede that waterboarding is in contravention of international obligation. If opinion rendered that amounted to malpractice, whoever employed that technique, simply by relying on that opinion would be legally barred from criminal investigation.

MM: If you’re talking about legal mistake, there is an inquiry regarding whether properly rendered opinions or didn’t. But yes, that bars the person who relied on that opinion from being investigated.

Delahunt: I find that a new legal doctrine. The law is the law.

MM: If it comes to pass that somebody at a later date that the opinion should have been different the person who relied on the opinion cannot be investigated.

Delahunt: Is there a legal precedent.

MM: There is practical consideration. I can’t cite you a case.

Now, keep in mind that Mukasey is not saying that these acts may not have been illegal, nor is he saying that there are questions about whether or not these acts were even committed. He is saying that neither the facts nor the law matters. He is saying that if officials of the Department of Justice give permission for the commission of possibly illegal acts, those perpetrating said acts are automatically immunized from legal consequences. As dday put it:

Partisan Bomb Thrower Wexler Raises Inconvenient Facts!

Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.) took the floor in the House of Representatives last night to call for the House Judiciary Committee to begin impeachment hearings against Vice President Dick Cheney…..to applause from the gallery.

From The Politico

At the Republican National Committee, press secretary Alex Conant dismissed Wexler’s impeachment call as a “publicity stunt.”

“Wexler is a partisan bomb-thrower hoping to earn points with the far Left,” Conant said. “His absurd calls for impeachment hearings are little more than a vain attempt to make himself relevant.”

Rep. Wexler Introduces 190,000 signatures for Impeachment!

Last night during the debates, to an almost empty House Floor, Rep. Wexler introduced 190,000 signatures of people calling for the impeachment of Vice President Richard Cheney.

Rep. Wexler gave an amazing performance.  Completely shut out of the media this morning, only CBS seems to be about the only web-site with this story.  Of course it’s on Wexler’s website also.

Here is the video, it is brilliant, please pass this around.

Impeachment: NH, it’s your choice!

With George McGovern joining the growing chorus for impeachment, we know that the momentum is on impeachment’s side!  On Tuesday, New Hampshirites have a chance to push this important movement forward!

Wexler being inteviewed as I write.

On blogtalk radio here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/f…

Impeachment: Wexler Wants Hearings, and more!

Robert Wexler (D-FL-19), a member of the House Judiciary Committee, is pushing forward to hold hearings on the impeachment of Dick Cheney!

His reasoning:

Wexler wants hearings!  You can sign up in support of the call for hearings on the impeachment of Dick Cheney!

Rep. Wexler (D-Fl): Want Better Legislation? Impeach!

U.S. Representative Robert Wexler (D-Fl) had one or two interesting things to say last week at a Palm Beach County Democratic Executive Committee meeting.

From the Palm Beach Post, hat tip to Steven D at Booman Tribune and David Edwards and Jason Rhyne at Raw Story.  This was also caught by joe shikspack at DailyKos.

“The way we pass stem-cell research, the way we get implemented a children’s health care plan, the way we get higher CAFE (corporate average fuel economy) standards to bring our energy debacle into a better condition for generations to come is to have impeachment hearings,” Wexler said. “Because that’ll get the president’s eye. That’ll get the vice president’s eye. That for the first time will show that the Democratic majority is here and that in fact we have the courage of our convictions.”

I think Rep. Wexler has been reading buhdydharma!  And eating his Wheaties!

In addition, Wexler continued, hearings would strengthen America’s hand in dealings with Iran, China and others. Every day the House Judiciary Committee isn’t grilling Cheney is a day world leaders such as Indonesia’s Yudhoyono keep their distance, he said. He described Yudhoyono as someone who “wants to be closer to America, but he can’t because we are so negatively viewed. Well, let me tell you one more thing those impeachment hearings will do. They will make America more popular.

In addition, Wexler criticized Speaker Pelosi for her “off the table” rhetoric.  

Video can be seen at the Palm Beach Post sitehere, and at Raw story, linked above.

Impeachment news: Rep. Wexler to push for Impeachment, plus more!

Via Bradblog.com, Rep. Wexler has sent out a letter to call the HJC to hold hearings on impeachment: