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Rep. Wexler Introduces 190,000 signatures for Impeachment!

Last night during the debates, to an almost empty House Floor, Rep. Wexler introduced 190,000 signatures of people calling for the impeachment of Vice President Richard Cheney.

Rep. Wexler gave an amazing performance.  Completely shut out of the media this morning, only CBS seems to be about the only web-site with this story.  Of course it’s on Wexler’s website also.

Here is the video, it is brilliant, please pass this around.

IMPEACH — an action to take — NOW

I just received this e-mail from a friend.  It started with a disclaimer about not knowing its validity, but I did a google and the legal firm Rohde & Victoroff looks good.


House Resolution 333 for the impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney is off the House floor, and has instead been sent to the Judiciary Committee for “further study.” This maneuver, organized by Pelosi and the Democratic leadership, is consistent with their mantra that impeachment is “off the table.” But, we are told Nancy Pelosi is reported to have replied to the question of impeachment that if she received 10,000 hand written letters she would proceed with it.

What are we waiting for?

Take out a sheet of paper RIGHT NOW and write:


Sign it with your address and mail it TODAY to:

Rep Nancy Pelosi

Speaker of the House

235 Cannon HOB

Washington, DC 20515


Best, Steve

Stephen F. Rohde

Rohde & Victoroff

Suite 411

1880 Century Park East

Los Angeles, CA 90067



Not much more to say, onward to the General strike!

Advancing the Cause of Civilization

Most thoughtful people would agree that we have an obligation to advance the cause of civilization.  We owe it to our children, our grandchildren, and to posterity.  We are not only stewards of the earth, as are all human beings, but we Americans are also stewards of the original American vision as established in 1776.  Remember the cause of liberty?


This will be a quickie! Add your voice!

For those of you who do not receive E-Mail from The Pen, here is an Action Page, where you can show your support for the Impeachment of Vice-President Cheney and support H.R. 333.

In addition, they will send you, at your request, Impeach Cheney posters and a hat, as well.

Impeach Cheney

Your personal message will be sent to individual House members, and copies will be sent to BOTH Nancy Pelosi and the House Judiciary Committee itself, as well as any newspaper you may designate.

The names are being added like crazy — just in the last hour there have been 500 or more signatures, getting close to 16,519 now and it’s non-stop.