Partisan Bomb Thrower Wexler Raises Inconvenient Facts!

Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.) took the floor in the House of Representatives last night to call for the House Judiciary Committee to begin impeachment hearings against Vice President Dick Cheney… applause from the gallery.

From The Politico

At the Republican National Committee, press secretary Alex Conant dismissed Wexler’s impeachment call as a “publicity stunt.”

“Wexler is a partisan bomb-thrower hoping to earn points with the far Left,” Conant said. “His absurd calls for impeachment hearings are little more than a vain attempt to make himself relevant.”

Apparently this partisan bomb thrower is selfish enough to even bring up (what do you call them again…oh yeah, facts!) actual REASONS why Dick Cheney should be impeached.

Apparently he thinks that minor unimportant stuff like…and I quote…

“This administration has abused the power of executive privilege. This administration has completely avoided testifying before Congress on any one of a host of six, seven, eight issues.”

“Whether we are talking about the manipulation of intelligence on Iraq, whether we are talking about the outing of a covert CIA agent, whether we’re talking about the illegal use of torture, whether we’re talking about the potentially unlawful firing of U.S. prosecutors – on all of these issues, the administration has thus far successfully used the power of executive privilege.”

“In an impeachment hearing, the administration does not have the power of executive privilege,”  

….are somehow worth talking about on the august floor of the House!

He even had the temerity to bring up the fact that that the secret tapes that helped bring down President Richard Nixon did not surface until the House Judiciary Committee began impeachment hearings!

What nerve! I am sure Speaker Pelosi is deeply ashamed that her party contains people like this who are willing to rock the boat and upset the delicate balance of bi-partisanship over these niggling little issues. Treason, torture, illegally and blatantly and knowingly lying to and spying on American citizens, starting a war of aggression, war profiteering…what are these in comparison to her grand plan for conceding, capitulating and caving to every demand that comes out of Dick Cheneys ass George Bush’s mouth?

Just as Move-on was roundly rebuked and censured for suggesting that the Bush Administration would be dishonest enough to manipulate the testimony of General Petraeus on rosy the state of affairs in Iraq, perhaps it is time to censure Rep. Wexler…or perhaps sterner measures are called for and he should be sent to “investigate” some of the secret torture prison facilities….for a year or so…that George “the Torturer” Bush ha established around the world. Torture facilities that so patently do NOT torture that it was deemed wise to erase tapes of the CIA not torturing some people. Oh and destroying any e-mail evidence of it as well. Surely throwing partisan bombs is the act of an “Unlawful Combatant” in the War Against Justice  Truth Terror.

After all, if Representatives actually stand up and speak out on these tiny unimportant well documented things like Treason, torture, illegally and blatantly and knowingly lying to and spying on American citizens, starting a war of aggression and war profiteering….who KNOWS what damage it could do….to the Democrats chances for re-election Homeland???

And after all, with Republican Representatives jumping ship left and right to take lobbying jobs before reforms can kick in, fine upstanding beacons of moral righteousness like Senators Vitter and Craig providing examples of family values,  and such an incredibly strong and organized field of Republican Presidential candidates ready to take up the unbeatable banner of George “24%” Bush…now is obviously NOT the time to take the chance of actually LIVING UP TO their oaths of office to protect the Constitution, the ideals of Justice and the Rule of Law or enforce any of the many laws, conventions and treaties that George “Nuremberg Convention Violator” Bush and Dick “Iraq Halliburton Profits Have Made me Millions” Cheney have violated. Heck, if they did that they might even threaten the media narrative of weak and spineless Democrats!

Because if they ever DID stand up to the most unpopular President ever and demand even a TINY bit of accountability …..What would those fine patriots at Fox news like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity say??? Heaven forfend, they might even call Nancy Pelosi herself a “partisan bomb-thrower hoping to earn points with the far Left!”  And that my fellow citizens…is FAR more important than any of the petty, niggling, clearly partisan (oy!) concerns that Representative Wexler raises.



And now, as it turns out, this partisan bomb thrower is trying to raise funds to place advertisements rallying the American People and giving them hope! The NERVE! Why, after all he has done to help his bank account our country, poor innocent Dick Cheney must be beside himself with confusion!!!



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  1. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

    • OPOL on January 16, 2008 at 18:16

    Don’t ya just hate ’em?  😀

  2. on the intertubes.  Looks like we may be making some progress after all.

    I was able to help get Edwards an extra 1000 links on Google in 24 hours.  Maybe I can do the same for Impeachment.

  3. Anyone that has the audacity to spout facts and truthiness…damn…that’s worth skipping lunch for a couple of days!

  4. They just taunt us with this stuff you know.

    It is just enough to make you believe there might be some hope or rather I should say DIVERT you ENOUGH such that you won’t raise it to the next level.  Revolution.

    I love Vermont.  Even on MSM a proposal for Vermont to succeed from the US was brought up.

  5. found IMPEACH again, just when they thought it was safely under the table! His speech was good, he yelled loudly.  

  6. To hear one American with the conviction, guts and fortitude to say what he thinks, believes and knows is the RIGHT thing to do.  We need many clones of Wexler.


    I M P E A C H  !!

    I have sent him money.  We need support THOSE who are trying to HELP us.  I would include Kucinich in there.

  7. when a fight is needed.  What a sexy beast!

  8. (based on the HBO series Entourage & characters Turtle, Vince, E, and Johnny Drama)

    • Edger on January 16, 2008 at 20:34

    when he says “history may judge us complicit”.

    It’s not “may” Mr. Wexler. It’s “will”

    • sharon on January 17, 2008 at 08:24

    thank god you are you.  you know why.

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