Dennis Kucinich: “There will be more.”

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Dennis Kucinich is making my Summer just a little bit more fun.

Today his 35 Articles of Impeachment against President Bush were referred to the House Judiciary Committee, where the conventional wisdom says they will languish without a hearing.

But the Committee’s expected inactivity isn’t stopping Dennis.

Kucinich said that if the Judiciary Committee does not act within 30 days, he intends to introduce another, longer version of the articles of impeachment, with 60 counts instead of 35.

“I am not going to let this go. I am not going to let it go. I’ll just keep coming back and they can pile these things up in committee but I’ll keep coming back,” Kucinich said. “I’ll bring it up again, and there will be more. There will be more.”

As quixotic as I know this may seem to some, I do think there is a chance for Dennis to get some traction here. Robert Wexler is already fighting hard for Impeachment on Judiciary, has a rump of committed votes for hearings, and has many others who, while still officially uncommitted, are sympathetic.

In the end though, it still all comes down to the decision of the Committee Chairman John Conyers.  He was a strong Impeachment advocate until Nancy Pelosi threatened to take away Conyers’ chairmanship.  

Since then Conyers has been a picture of studied neutrality on the issue, while continuing to use investigative hearings to build a long rap sheet against Bush and Cheney.  If allowed his independence, Conyers would almost certainly begin Impeachment hearings.

Bottom line: we need to make things so hot for Pelosi that she lets Conyers off his leash.  Once that happens, it’s game on for Impeachment hearings.

We get some help next week, when Scott McClellan is scheduled to testify before Conyers’ Committee. Scottie’s testimony is certain to add a lot more fuel to the Impeachment fire as Bush continues to find out just how bad his already record setting disapproval ratings can get.

Hey, you never know….

In the meantime, I’m wondering what other 25 Articles of Impeachment Dennis might be contemplating.  

Anybody got any suggestions?


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  1. the Paraguay purchase and if it really was to set up a compound for neo-cons just like they did for the Nazis.

  2. Why didn’t enough “liberals’ and “progressives”  vote for Kucinich during the primaries?

    Oh yeah I forget..the MSM media didn’t cover him…so Liberals concluded he wasn’t electable and voted for either Obama or Clintorn who the media were covering….

    Yeah that’s it.  

  3. I think you’re right.  It’s certainly worth a try.  Make things so hot for Pelosi, that she’ll drop her threats against Conyers.  

    Call her daily.  Use short, short messages.  If you say more than half a dozen words, the aide flushes you down the toilet of voice mail.  But then, leave messages on voice mail also.

    I’m almost more angry at Pelosi than at Bushie.  

    I think we should all bug her to death.  I’m wondering if Code Pink is still camping out in front of her house in SF.  Do all we can to let her know we don’t accept her complicity in war crimes.  

  4. –Which would be the number of non-vacation days Bush has served.

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