Impeachment news: Rep. Wexler to push for Impeachment, plus more!

Via, Rep. Wexler has sent out a letter to call the HJC to hold hearings on impeachment:

I share your belief that Vice President Cheney must answer for his deceptive actions in office, particularly with regard to the preparations for the Iraq war and the revelation of the identity of covert agent Valerie Plame Wilson as part of political retribution against her husband. That is why I voted against the motion to table debate on H.Res. 333. Along with only 85 other Democrats, I opposed tabling the measure and supported beginning immediate debate and a vote on the Cheney impeachment resolution. The vote on tabling the Kucinich resolution was rejected, and the House subsequently voted to refer the matter to the Judiciary Committee.

The American people are served well with a legitimate and thorough impeachment inquiry. I will urge the Judiciary Committee to schedule impeachment hearings immediately and not let this issue languish as it has over the last six months. Only through hearings can we bring begin to correct the abuses of Dick Cheney and the Bush Administration; and, if it is determined in these hearings that Vice President Cheney has committed High Crimes and Misdemeanors, he should be impeached and removed from office.

Show Rep. Wexler support by writing him, Nancy Pelosi and John Conyers and your Congressperson.  Contact Congress here!

Also, Congressman Dennis Kucinich is calling for citizens to send him e-mails supporting his move for impeachment.  He will deliver the e-mails to Madame Speaker herself.  Send your support e-mail here!

Raw Story has a report and video on Dennis’ appearance on the CBS Morning show, with the interview being conducted by Harry Smith.

In case you missed it, here’s Dennis introducing his Privileged Resolution on the floor of the house yesterday:

And here is audio from Dennis’ interview on CSPAN during the vote to table the resolution:

If you wish to show support for Dennis, you can donate to Dennis’ campaign here!

As always, now more than ever,

Go Dennis!
Choose Peace!

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  1. For impeachment!

    Go Dennis!
    Choose Peace!

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  3. Waxman is a tough guy.  If he follows through on this, it will be, without equivocation, very interesting.  He is in a good posture to exert some pressure on the situation.  Will stay tuned!

    Thanks for this, rjones2818.  And, yes, we need to extend any and all support possible to the Honorable Congressman Kucinich!

  4. one in Congress responding to our call to rescue the Constitution with real action (Dodd to in the Senate).

    I loved this statement from his interview

    “It’s really about the American people and their insistence that their government not be lost,” he continued. “People are worried that we’re losing democracy, and they’re demanding that the Constitution be protected. And that’s exactly what yesterday was about.”

    GO DENNIS!!!!!!!

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