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CA-04: BLM takes Mustangs for BP’s Ruby Pipeline in McClintock’s District

This must give avowed anti environmentalist and overall science denier, Drill Baby Spill, Tea Party Caucus Congressman Tom McClintock of CA 04 a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling inside, because now the area up around his homey base of right wing zealots, Susanville, is undergoing a wild horse purge with Federal Tax dollars-  for BP and Anadarko Petroleum.   Because he had a staffer rep at the BLM’s planning session per documents at the Dept of the Interior website.

They’re going to take 2000 mustangs off the northern California scrubby ranges and leave a small remnant herd of 500.   The roundup started yesterday, Wed Aug 11th.

There are only about 4000 wild horses in CA.  This removes half our state’s wild horses !   And they’re doing it now during the hot days so it won’t interfere with DEER HUNTING SEASON.

Flat Earth McClintock recently had a hissy fit that the Federal government might transfer some Federal land into a National Park or Monument here up in Northern eastern CA because the government doesn’t “create jobs.”    

Ashburn Gets DUI on Gay Bar Dance Nite- of Course He’s Republican !

There were so many ways to title this but it just wouldn’t fit.  

Roy Ashburn (R – CA St Sen- 18, Bakersfield) got a DUI after leaving a gay bar in Sacramento on “Latin Night.”  Of course, he is a FAMILY VALUES Southern CA Republican, well known for his efforts, out there saving heterosexual marriage for all eternity.

Yup. Republican CA State Senator Roy Ashburn, age 55, of Bakersfield decided to have a hot time in Cow Town on Tuesday night in Sacramento.

(If you are from NorCal, you already are roflayao at that opening.  Have you ever been to Sacramento, off the freeway, past 8pm on a winter weeknight ?  Or to Bakersfield?  Hint. If you’re going to a movie, eat dinner before. If you’re going to a restaurant, get there before dark.  They roll up the sidewalks,  turn off the lights, and you can’t even find a panhandler. It’s beyond spooky. )  

Ashburn, well known for his scorched earth, global warming denial, immigrant hating, gay bashing family values alliance with then State Senator and now CongressmanTom McClintock, with whom he has shared a staffer, Dan Brennan, as Ashburn’s former communications director went on to become McClintock’s district director,

(an example of the senate work environment can be found here:  http://articles.latimes.com/20…   )

was them pulled over by the CHP for drunken driving at 2am.  With another, younger man in the passenger seat.  After coming from, according to sources, “Sacramento’s premier GLBT Nightclub.”

It was Latin Night at Faces Nightclub.  Ai, aye, cha – cha- cha !  Dancin’ Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Hot !

The manager claims she didn’t see him, because “we don’t see a lot of white guys here on a Tuesday night.”

Well, yeah, who’s going to admit they served the guy one too many for the lawyers to fight over ?


He’s married, of course, and has 4 children.  


This isn’t karma.  It’s flaunting it one too many times and losing the bet.  

The Patriot Act Extension Backstory

The Bill of Rights

Fourth Amendment – Protection from unreasonable search and seizure.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

The Patriot Act was extended for another year this week.  Read this information about it from the ACLU:


Late last year, to avoid expiration on December 31, 2009, Congress extended the provisions through February 28, 2010. Despite bills pending in both the House and the Senate to amend the three expiring provisions and other sections of the Patriot Act, Congress decided instead to move ahead with a straightforward reauthorization.

Since the Patriot Act’s passage in 2001, there have been several consecutive reports (including one released in January) from the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General that have outlined widespread and blatant abuse of the statute. FBI agents routinely claimed false terrorism emergencies to use “exigent letters,” or emergency letters, in order to gain private records for investigations when no emergency existed. The FBI also regularly issued NSLs after the fact in an attempt to legitimize the use of exigent letters. Even after today’s vote, there remain bills pending in both the House and Senate that were specifically introduced to narrow the scope of the NSL statute.

DiFi Does a Pombo on Salmon, Jobs Bill Amend Guts EndSpecAct

Dianne Feinstein is doing a Pombo on the Endangered Species Act, with an Amendment to gut it in an upcoming Democratic “Bipartisanship Enhanced” jobs bill.  

Like Salmon ?  Too bad !  McClintock’s in on it, too.

Hey, this even makes the Kansas City Star.  Everything’s up to date in Kansas City.   Dead silence at a certain other “Democratic” blog.

http://www.kansascity.com/400/…      Feinstein plan would loosen Endangered Species Act to pump more water    2/11/2010

Yes, our northern CA based Sen. DiFi thinks Billionaire Business Water Brokers in Kern County of Southern CA Who Donate To Her Campaign Are More Important Than Salmon.  So Does Tom McClintock.  

She intends to put an amendment that says we can ignore the Endangered Species Act, onto the upcoming jobs bill to let more water be pumped out of the Sacramento- San Joaquin Delta.   Why does this matter ?  Because at certain times of the year, the nursery fish need the water to swim and feed in.   And the West Coast salmon runs are at the brink of going away. Forever.

{{{  “This came as a bit of a shock that she did this,” said Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Calif.

He represents California’s North Coast, which has been hurt by two years of bans on commercial salmon fishing stemming from collapsing salmon stocks.

“If this were to go through, it would have a devastating impact on Northern California and other jobs and other economies in the state,” Thompson said.  }}}


Where the hell have you been, Blue Dog Rep. Thompson ?   Didn’t you notice the real reason so many people up here in northern CA 04  DIDN’T WANT Carpetbagging Tom MCCLINTOCK of Southern CA pimping for these Southern CAL business sharks to take water out of Norcal and kill off our agriculture and wildlife ?    He’s running the exact same playbook that former Republican Rep. John Doolittle ran with Dick Cheney and the suckerfish up in the Klamoth river drainage.