Ashburn Gets DUI on Gay Bar Dance Nite- of Course He’s Republican !

There were so many ways to title this but it just wouldn’t fit.

Roy Ashburn (R – CA St Sen- 18, Bakersfield) got a dui after leaving a gay bar in Sacramento on “Latin Night.” Of course, he is a FAMILY VALUES Southern CA Republican, well known for his efforts, out there saving heterosexual marriage for all eternity.

Yup. Republican CA State Senator Roy Ashburn, age 55, of Bakersfield decided to have a hot time in Cow Town on Tuesday night in Sacramento. He had a blood alcohol level of more than 0.8%. If you have been arrested for DUI then you may want to see if you could get legal help from these philadelphia criminal lawyers or similar lawyers (depending on where you live). Being charged with a DUI could have some consequences for a driver. At its worse, they could find themselves in jail, but to a lesser extent, having their driver’s license revoked. An interesting article talks about what happens with a revoked driver’s license and the requirements needed to get it back after a DUI.

(If you are from NorCal, you already are roflayao at that opening. Have you ever been to Sacramento, off the freeway, past 8pm on a winter weeknight ? Or to Bakersfield? Hint. If you’re going to a movie, eat dinner before. If you’re going to a restaurant, get there before dark. They roll up the sidewalks, turn off the lights, and you can’t even find a panhandler. It’s beyond spooky. )

Ashburn, well known for his scorched earth, global warming denial, immigrant hating, gay bashing family values alliance with then State Senator and now CongressmanTom McClintock, with whom he has shared a staffer, Dan Brennan, as Ashburn’s former communications director went on to become McClintock’s district director,

(an example of the senate work environment can be found here:… )

was them pulled over by the CHP for drunken driving at 2am. With another, younger man in the passenger seat. After coming from, according to sources, “Sacramento’s premier GLBT Nightclub.”

It was Latin Night at Faces Nightclub. Ai, aye, cha – cha- cha ! Dancin’ Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Hot !

The manager claims she didn’t see him, because “we don’t see a lot of white guys here on a Tuesday night.”

Well, yeah, who’s going to admit they served the guy one too many for the lawyers to fight over ?


He’s married, of course, and has 4 children.


This isn’t karma. It’s flaunting it one too many times and losing the bet.

State Senator Ashburn was driving his State Issued Black Chevy Tahoe in an erratic matter when he was pulled over near 13th and L Streets. This is downtown and not too far from the State Capitol building of Sacramento. The “K” street mall, next street over, is a big business/lobbyist office area as well as having a theatre, hotel, movie, and restaurant areas. But if there is not a big art or performance thing at the Convention Center that evening, it is typically very quiet and deserted early.

Ashburn offered an apology for being arrested and charged with a DUI with a blood alcohol level higher than .08%. Even Senators aren’t above the law when it comes to drunk driving. If you find yourself in a similar situation you may want to look into what to do when hiring a criminal defense team who could present your case.…

“I am deeply sorry for my actions and offer no excuse for my poor judgment. I accept complete responsibility for my conduct and am prepared to accept the consequences for what I did. I am also truly sorry for the impact this incident will have on those who support and trust me – my family, my constituents, my friends, and my colleagues in the Senate.”

But he didn’t offer any apologies for being Just Another “Family Values” California Republican who found it convenient to deny other people their basic human rights of liberty and happiness, based on disproven stereotypes and bigotry.

Ashburn served six years as a state Assemblyman before being elected to the State Senate. According to Project Vote Smart, Ashburn’s voting record shows he has voted against every gay rights measure in the State Senate since taking office including Recognizing Out-Of-State Same-Sex Marriages”, Harvey Milk Day and Expanding Anti-Discrimination Laws.

The list of votes is here at…

In the interest of not just making him a one dimensional, pathetic character who supported Prop 8, prohibiting other people from getting married and promoting religious discrimination, I’d like to expand this list of recent NO votes from Roy Ashburn.

Ashburn voted NO on many more bills that passed the State Senate, such as (this is not a complete list) :

Housing and Emergency Shelter

Medi Cal Emergency Drug Benefits

Cal Works and Food Stamp Program

Children’s Health Care Expansion

Drought related unemployment benefits

CA Universal Healthcare Agency

Statewide Single Payer SB 810

Prohibiting Gender based Health Insurance Pricing

Requiring Maternity Services Coverage

Disclosing End of Life Care Options

Pharmacy Prescription Refill Mailings

Iraq Withdrawal Ballot Question

Whistleblower hotline

Expanding enforcement of water pollution laws

Prohibiting discrimination against medical marijuana patients

Overtime pay for personal attendants

Minimum wage

Prohibiting Language Discrimination

Transitional Housing Services for Foster Youth

Amount of lead in plumbing requirements

Retrieving Abandoned Pets

Global warming and land use policy

Nutritional information disclosure in Chain Restaurants

Regulating Chemicals in Consumer Products

Aerial Spraying Regulations

Microstamping bullets fired fr Semi Automatic guns

Overhaul flood and levee board (Sacramento is protected by river levees and is the 2nd most likely city to flood after NOLA)

Statewide water conservation requirements

Renewable Energy Requirements

Sacramento San Joaquin Delta Water Conservancy

Water management appropriations

Health Insurance Cancellation Restrictions

Ban on suction and dredge mining (this can upset spawning fish )

Prohibiting text messaging while driving

Public financing of elections

~~ and, of course, NO on

Sexual diversity content in Public school curriculums

Creation of Harvey Milk Day

Expanding anti discrimination laws

Recognizing Out of State Same Sex Marriages


All things that State Senator voted NO on, but the Senate passed anyway. If you’re a woman, child, elderly, teenaged orphan, farmer, work for a living, hungry, sick, or almost anybody but State Senator Roy Ashburn, you’re not worthy.

But for getting pulled over for drunken driving after gay bar hopping, and getting caught, he’s really sorry !

Roy Ashburn, while terming out of the Senate 18th district soon, is now running for the State Board of Equalization, so maybe voters will have a chance to once again put his sorry self on the nearly bankrupt state’s public feeding trough. It’s not unusual for these politicians to run several accounts for different offices concurrently.

When I looked at his expenditures on his various state Cal Access campaign accounts, there were always charges on an American Express Card. Here’s what he spent on his Board of Equalization 2010 account during 2007- 2008.…

And here is his contributions for that filing for July thru Dec 2008, sorted by amount.…

The highest donor was….. drum roll…..

The California Ambulance Association of Sacramento. $6,000 and $1500

Then there’s Comcast. Reynolds American (Tobacco). Kraft foods (both Reynolds and Kraft are now part of the giant Altria which is a backer of the Tea Party movement). Jong Chen, a doctor who gave much money to John Doolittle. The CA Tow Truck Association. The CA Association of Psychiatric Technicians, Inc. The Enterprise Rent a Car PAC. CA Beer and Beverage Distributors. Blue Cross of CA and Anthem Blue Cross. Bayer (Asprin). Miller Coors. CA Correctional Peace Officers Assoc. CA Association of Wine Grape Growers.

CA Mobile Home Park Owners Alliance PAC. The Walt Disney Company.

Walt Disney ?! Holy Batman Family Values ! He’s gonna be lucky if ABC doesn’t do a movie on this equating him with Satan. You do not mess with the Mouse Ears !

All in all, State Senator Roy Ashburn took in $122,534 bucks during 2008, and spent $82,960 on an obscure BOE account on “campaigning” for a ghost office in the hazy future. He spent $64,772 of lobbyist cash on things like campaign consultants and entertaining just in the 2nd half of the year. A lot of charges on that American Express Card.

This is where a lot of your pharmaceutical and health insurance premiums go right now. Think about it, the next time you see somebody playing the “family values” card. And think about why people are so upset with these mandates to keep funding insurance companies without a guarantee of coverage. Life is stressful, and no body is perfect. Hopefully Sen. Ashburn will never drive in this condition again, because this could have resulted in a fatality. But people who are deliberately perpetrating a bad medical system, while preventing others from having personal security and joy of personal commitment, just to cadge entertainment cash, need to be retired from public decision making.

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  1. … and the Dems in the CA State Senate also are getting front loaded with this campaign cash in multiple accounts,  but aren’t quite as bad on civil rights.

    But this guy and McClintock, (who is actively meddling in state and county politics here)  are not only into the gay bashing, but also woman bashing, education bashing, and race baiting,  and are fighting any sort of conservation issues, water issues,  environmental bills, and actively taking oil company, pharma, and insurance money and then trying to hasten us towards the end times.      

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